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Best FA Cup Betting Opportunities This Weekend

The next set of matches that make up the FA Cup are going to be in play tonight and over the weekend, and with that in mind and as I am aware lots of you are currently trying to put together an Acca bet, below are each of those matches and my predictions are to the way they could end.

The Coral betting site are one of the best betting sites for football related bets and wagers and as they always do they have put together a fair set of odds on each of those matches, and it is their odds I will be quoting below, just so you know!

At 19:45 this evening the first of those matches will be kicking off with the QPR v Watford match taking centre stage, it is Watford though that the majority of punters are backing and that has resulted in the win odds on that team being pushed down to 5/6, but win that match they should do.

Moving onto Saturdays matches, well it is hard to see how Brighton can possibly lose at home in their match that day against Derby, and as such one rock solid bet you should be placing is a bet on Brighton to win that match at odds of 5/6.

AFC Wimbledon v Millwall

Also on Saturday there is the match between AFC Wimbledon and Millwall, and it should be the case that Millwall will win that match and possibly by a fair number of goals too and their odds on winning that match at the Coral betting site decent as they are being offered at even money.

The Newport County v Man City match is one that most punters are available to be perfectly honest, for even though City should win that match and many people think they could do with their eyes closed their win odds are very restrictive and very unappealing too being as they are 1/12!

Sundays Matches to Consider

As for Sundays FA Cup matches, well the first one to ponder over is the Bristol City v Wolves match, but when you do study the form it will become apparent to you that Wolves have the best chance of winning that match which to be fair is indicated by their 17/20 match win odds.

Next you have the Doncaster v Crystal Palace match and all things consider it shouldn’t be too hard of a task for the Crystal Palace team to outsmart the opposition and as such I’m recommending punters take the 6/10 odds on a Palace win in that match.

You may also fancy betting on the Swansea v Brentford match, however that looks like an impossible match to try and work out the winner of it, and that is indicated by the odds on all three outcome of that match which are for reference 8/5 on a home team win, 12/5 on the draw and the odds on the away team winning are 17/10.

So I will leave it up to you to try and work out just which way that match will end, for it could any in win for either team and the draw certainly isn’t out of the question either!

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