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Best Odds on the Women’s World Cup Final

The odds available on the USA Women team to win the Women’s World Cup final keep on getting shorts, and sadly they are currently so low that you are going to have to place some high valued bets to get anything like a decent winning pay-out if they do go on to win that match.

As hard as I could try this morning, I haven’t yet seen one bookie that is offering odds higher than 2/5 on the USA team to win that match, so do keep that in mind if you are thinking about backing them to win, for you are not going to get any value what so ever by backing them at that rather late stage.

It may be the case however that you do not fancy the chances of the USA Women to win that match and may be prepared to take the 7/2 odds being offered on the draw, and to be fair the is a little bit of value in those odds.

I do know that many punters hope that the USA Women lose that match, for one reason or another, and if you are prepared to back the Netherlands Women to win that match you should easily be able to bag odds of or around the 7/1 mark.

Betting on Both Teams to Score or Not

A Yes/No decision needs to be made however if you fancy betting on the both teams to score betting market and you do have a fair chance of predicting whether both teams will score in that match or not.

Whilst that bet is a 50-50 one you are not going to be offered even money odds on both outcomes, as all bookies will have to make a profit with their over-round, however you will find a number of bookies offering odds on the No bet of 8/11 and on the Yes bet you should find plenty of betting sites going even money.

First Player to Score Betting

I do like the fact that when you place abet with BetFred on their first player to score betting market they will double the pay-out odds if your player scores a second goal and will triple them if that players score a third goal.

Therefore for a possible exciting bet and one that could pay-out at some high odds if everything does fall into place do consider placing such a bet, and one -player that may just bang in the very first goal in this match is of course Morgan who can be backed at some very tempting odds it does have to be said of 3/1 right now.

There is also the very real chance the a player such as Lloyd could score first 4/1 or possible even players like Press and Rapinoe who are both 9/2, then the odds do get much higher in value if you want to back players such as Heath and Pugh who is 6/1 or McDonald at 7/1 or even Miedema at 8/1.

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