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Bet Now on This Week’s AFF Group Stage Matches

You are running out of time if you fancy having a financial interest in this week’s AFF Group Stage football matches, as there are two that will be kicking off later today and two that are scheduled for tomorrow.

As for today’s matches, the first one is going to see Myanmar taking their chances against Cambodia, however that is a match that Myanmar shouldn’t be faced with too hard of a task of winning, in fact the current best odds I have seen being offered on them winning that match are 2/7.

Keep in mind that all betting sites are going to be offering you correct score betting opportunities, first and second half betting propositions and plenty of other unique bets, so if you do want to go in search of some potentially much higher paying bets to place there are going to be no shortages of them available to you!

As for the draw odds on the Myanmar v Cambodia match, they are around the 19/5 mark, and the fact that most bookies have Cambodia on offer at 13/2, that does give you  very clear indication of their chances of winning that match, and those chances are tiny of course!

Malaysia v Laos

The other match that is kicking off today, in just a few hours in fact is the match between Malaysia and Laos. However, I cannot see many if any punters willing to back the favourite to win that match.

That favourite is of course Malaysia, for their win odds are so low, being 1/25 the risks to reward ratio on placing a bet on them to win is one no sane punter will want to take, the draw odds though for reference are huge at 9/1 and as for the chances of Laos winning that match, they are easy to back right now obviously at odds of 20/1!

Tomorrows AFF Matches

If you think that the odds on Malaysia to win are appallingly low, wait until I let you know what the win odds are on the home team in the Indonesia v Timor-Leste match.

Believe it or not if you do fancy backing Indonesia to win that match then the best odds I have come across this morning are 1/50! Those terrible outright win odds do of course mean the odds on both other outcomes are huge, and the draw can be backed at odds of 14/1 and as for the win odds on Timor-Leste they are massive at some 28/1!

You will find some much more realistic odds on offer on the other AFF Group Stage match that is kicking off tomorrow and that is the Philippines v Singapore match.

It is the home team that are the favourite to win that match but their odds are very reasonable being as they are currently 5/6, as for what odds all you draw backers can secure those odds are 23/1, and if you are thinking about having a bet on Singapore to win that match their odds are around the 11/4 mark at most betting sites!

Bet Now on This Week’s AFF Group Stage Matches
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