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Betting on New Zealand Premiership Matches

They do say that a change is as good as a rest, and with that in mind how about turning your football betting activities to some of the football matches that make up the New Zealand Premiership?

That is of course a football league that I am more than convinced many of you out there may either never have heard of or bet on before, but when betting at some of our featured betting sites such as BetSid, you will find that they always offer odds on all upcoming matches.

Therefore, if you do fancy betting on matches that are going to be in play on the other side of the planet, then read on for below I will be giving you some insight into which upcoming New Zealand Premiership matches may just be worth you having a financial interest in.

The following matches by the way are going to be kicking off in the very early hours of Sunday UK time, due to the obvious time zone differences between the United Kingdom and New Zealand, so do keep that in mind when placing your bets, and get them placed as early as you can do.

Hawkes Bay United v Wellington Phoenix

One team that should win their match quite easily is Hawkes Bay United and they are going to be playing against Wellington Phoenix at midnight tonight, as for what odds you are going to be offered well just keep in mind that that team are virtually guaranteed to win that match so the odds will not be huge.

Hawkes Bay United can be backed right now over at the BetSid betting site at odds of 4/11 and those are odds worth taking all things considered, for I doubt the match will finish in a draw but for reference the odds available on it doing are 7/2 and Wellington Phoenix are surely not going to win but for those of you who do fancy backing them their win odds are 5/1.

Waitakere Utd v Auckland City

Another match that is a very one sided on is the match that sees Waitakere Utd playing at home against Auckland City, the home team have no chance what so ever of winning that match and their odds of 12/1 enlighten you of that fact, the draw odds are also huge at 13/2 but it should be Auckland City that win at odds of 1/9.

South’s United v Eastern Suburbs Brisbane

There is a slim chance that South’s United at odds of 15/4 could beat Eastern Suburbs Brisbane who are the 1/2 favourite to win that match, however I am of the mind the very best valued betting opportunity in that match is a draw of which the odds are 16/5.

Wellington v Hamilton Wanderers AFC

One other New Zealand Premiership match that you may fancy betting on is the Wellington v Hamilton Wanderers AFC match, and as for the likely result of that match, well it is difficult to see Wellington losing that match and their win odds are 1/3 over at the BetSid betting site.

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