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Blackburn v Bristol City

Looking at the form of both teams in this Saturdays match between Blackburn and Bristol City, it is one of those matches that could go to either team or much more likely is going to end in a draw, and the odds on all three outcomes do look decent at betting sites such as Ladbrokes.

In fact, if you are of the mind that match will go the way of a win for Blackburn the home team there is nothing too shabby about the 33/20 odds that you can currently secure on them winning, but there is always the chance the match could end in a  draw.

As for just how generous Ladbrokes are when it comes to those draw odds, well they are giving away odds right now of 21/10 on the match ending in a draw and if you fancy the chances of  win for the away team that being Bristol City the odds of 17/10 are there for the taking.

Another bet that could be of interest to you as it is one with just two possible outcomes is on the Both Teams to Score betting market, if you think both team are going to rattle in at least one goal you can get odds of 20/23 but if you think they are not the odds on that are 10/11.

Match Odds and Both Teams to Score

Blackburn are on offer at odds of 9/2 but only if they win and both teams go on to score a goal in that match so that is another bet that you may be tempted to [lace on this match.

If you hunk that both of the teams will score one goal each at the very least but the match will end in either a draw or a win for Bristol City the odds on those two individual betting opportunities are 10/3 and 19/4 respectively.

Match Result and Over/Under 2.5 Goals

One additional type of bet you could be tempted to place on his match and one that plenty of punters will be is on the match result and over/under 2.5 goals betting market.

The odds you can get on Blackburn winning the match but with there also being over and under 2.5 goals score in that match are 18/5 and respectively.

As for the odds you can bag on Bristol City winning this match with either over 2.5 Goals or fewer than 2.5 goals being scored in the match, well those odds are 15/4 and 17/4 respectively and all thing considered those odds are generous for sure.

The only other way that this match could end is of course in a draw and if you think it will end in a draw but with over 2.5 goals being scored or under 2.5 goals being scored, the odds on offer on both of those two outcomes are 12/1 and 14/5 respectively and those odds do give you an insight into just how likely those two possible outcomes in this match are.

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