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Both Teams to Score Bet

One football bet that is often presented to you as a coupon type of bet is a Both Teams to Score bet, and as the name of that type of bet does suggest, what you are faced with having to do when placing such a bet is try and work out just which football matches will be one in which both teams are going to score at the very least one goal each.

best football betting sitesThose goals much bet score at any time in the first standard 90 minutes of play plus of course any extra minutes of injury time added on by the referee, however if both teams do score at least one goal each, not including home goals then your bet will be a winning one.

The reason this type of betting opportunity is presented to you as a coupon bet, is that you can place Acca or accumulator bets as they are also known onto that football coupon, and by doing so the more matches you do pick out the bigger the potential returns will be.

As with every single type of football bet offered to you at any bookies, sportsbook or online or mobile betting site or app, the odds you will be offered can vary, so always ensure that you are placing a bet with a bookmaker that is offering you the best odds for the matches you do fancy betting on, and as long as each teams scores one goal in those matches you are a winner.

Best Bookie for Both Teams to Score Bet Odds

Coral are a betting site that I have been a customer of for many years now, and in all that time I have never experienced any problems with them, and they are a betting site that always pays you out your winnings in full and with no fuss or hassle too.

That said of course, there is more you should be looking for rather than just fast winning payouts and a hassle free betting experience, and when it comes to betting on football matches what you should be looking for is a betting site that will be offering you the exact type of bets you are looking to place and one that is famed for their generous betting odds too.

There is no doubt in my mind that if and when you do fancy trying out a both teams to score type of bet, you are certainly going to find plenty of betting opportunities at the Coral betting site or when using their betting app, and the odds they will be offering you will be some of the best ones in the business too.

To give you an added incentive to sign up and start betting with them if you click onto any of our Coral links you will be taken over to their website when doing so and you can then claim immediately a higher than average sign up bonus and one that has been designed with the minimum terms and conditions attached to it, so please do check Coral out as they come very highly recommended!

Both Teams to Score Bet Tips

If you are new to the world of online and mobile betting and are still getting the hang of placing all manner of different and often unique football bets, then what I want you to do is to take a look at the results on the matches that were played last weekend in any league.

What you will then notice as you study those results of each match, is that there were plenty of matches in which both teams did score at least one goal each, and that will always be the case no matter which results you look up.

Therefore the one tip I want to pass onto you when you do set about placing such a bet it to consider perming together several matches to place on an Acca or Accumulator type of bet which they are also referred to as.

By doing so you will have the chance of winning some much higher potential winning payouts as each match you add onto your both teams to score betting slip will roll over onto the next match.

Just keep in mind that each match you pick does of course need to be ones that both teams do score at least one goal each for your bet to be a winning one, but by placing that type Acca bet you can win big but not have to place some huge stakes on those bets.

Alternative Bets

Take my word for it, you have literally hundreds of different types of football bets on offer to you at any time of the day or night on every single upcoming football matches, and as such there will always come a time when you may fancy placing an alternative bet to a both teams to score bet.

I would encourage you to take a look at the football coupon bets that all betting sites and betting apps will be offering their customers, for by doing so you are going to find plenty of betting opportunities that may also suit you down to the ground.

Instead of being forced to have to pick out any number of matches that will see one goal at least being scored by each team, you will find football coupon bets on which you simply have to predict the team to win each match or whether the match will end in a draw.

To help you make sense of every single type of football coupon bet and every other type of football bet that will be available to you, please do have a look at my additional football bet guides.

For by doing so you are guaranteed to find plenty of alternative bets that may offer you a slightly lower level of risk, and you will of course find some football betting opportunities that offer much higher potential winning payouts too!

Both Teams to Score Bet
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