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Brazil Hot Favourite to Win the Copa America This Year

I’m sure plenty of you that enjoy betting on football will already have secured what you hope are the best odds on Brazil doing so, for lets face it they are the one stand out team of the twelve that are playing in that competition, and if everything goes as planned they should win it quite decisively.

However, we are talking about football here, and that does of course mean any team even those you think may have no chance what so ever of winning could just go on o the win the Copa America this year, and as such allow me to give you some idea on the teams that other punters have been backing recently.

As for the favourites though, I think you are going to find it difficult to find odds much higher than the 11/10 odds that Betfred are currently offering on Brazil to win that coemption, but if you do see any higher odds then grab them quick.

There has also been plenty of support and money coming in on the future betting market for the 201 Cop America for Argentina, and they are firmly entrenched as the current 7/2 second favourite, and if any other team could win if Brazil fail it is Argentina

Uruguay Attracting Some Each-Way Support

Each-way betting is of course permitted doing the Copa America and you will be able to place such a bet and will be paid out if your team finishes in first and second spot, and one team that punter shave been backing each-way is Uruguay who 13/2 odds do make them something of a stand out each-way betting opportunity,

As each bookie will have their own each-way betting terms, just make sure you are not betting with one that is offering a lower percentage of the win odds on the place part of any each-way bets you place.

Colombia and the Rest of the Teams

The only other team that is still available in single digit odds are Colombia, and some of you out there may be attracted by the 8/1 odds that bookies like BetFred are currently offering on that team, but try and back them sooner rather than later, as those odds will start to drop if they go on to win a few matches.

The rest of the teams do face something of an uphill struggle in the Copa America this year if their respective odds are to be taken at face value, and those teams include the likes of Chile at 12/1, Peru at 20/1 and Venezuela who are on offer at high odds of 28/1.

Paraguay are next in the betting and they can be backed at plenty of bookies sites, sportsbooks and bookmakers sites at odds of at least or around the 33/1 mark, next are Japan and Ecuador at 40/1 followed by the two outsiders to win those being Bolivia at 66/1 and the complete rank outsider that is Qatar at 100/1.

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