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Bulgaria vs Kosovo and Other Betting Opportunities Today

Some of you out there may just want to put together a football accumulator bet today, for there are no shortages of top class football matches that are going to be in play at some point today the 10th of June 2019, and below I will give you an overview of some of the matches that did jump put at me from a betting points of view.

One of those matches is the Bulgaria vs Kosovo match, and my prediction as for the way that match will end is with a win for the Bulgaria team that are generally available at win odds of 13/10, and those odds are fair when compared to the draw odds of 11/5 and the win odds attached to Kosovo which for reference are 23/10.

I think its fair to say that as far as the next match I did look at early, that being the scheduled match today between Czech Republic and Montenegro isn’t going to take you very long to work out the winner of that match.

For the Czech Republic do have an outstanding chance of success today, and with them being readily on offer at short odds sadly of 8/13 they are a team that should win, the draw odds if you think it will end that way are 11/4 and Montenegro are the underdogs at odds of 5/1.

Bet on the Argentina Women vs Japan Women Match

Another match that may be one you could fancy betting on and one which does have an unusual, yet very balanced set of betting odds attached to it is the Argentina Women and Japan Women match that will be broadcast live later today.

As for which team is likely to win that match well Argentina are being offered at odds of 20/11, and Japan are up for grabs at odds of 21/11, and as such I think the draw bet at odds of 5/2 or there or there about is the value bet in that match for sure.

Ukraine Cannot Possibly Lose Today

Ukraine fans will be expected that team to win today, and so do all bookies too that is why you are going to be very hard-pressed to find odds much higher than 1/8 on them winning today, but this is football so I suppose anything could happen in that match.

They are of course playing against Luxembourg, who are on offer at huge win odds of 22/1 so I bet a few fans of that team will be backing them with their hearts rather than their heads today given those huge odds, and as for the draw odds, well they are 15/2.

I doubt that the Faroe Islands are going to outsmart the Norway team today, and that match is one on which you can back the Faroe Islands at odds of 12/1, the draw odds are very high too at 9/2, and you can also bag odds of 2/7 on Norway, which is of course where the smart money it.

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