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England vs. Czech Republic

Looking at the England vs. Czech Republic match that will be kicking off at 7:45pm on Friday the 22nd of March, it does look like it will only end one way, and that being a win for England, and that sadly does mean if you fancy backing England to win that match you will not be offered huge odds from any bookie.

I did however set about trying to find a bookie that is offering decent odds on that match, and the Coral betting site have what you could I suppose call a decent set of odds on all there possible outcomes of that match.

As far as just what odds they are offering on England, well those odds are 3/10, and it may make more sense for you to back England to win and perm them together in multiple bets with some other team to try and achieve some much bigger potential winning payouts.

For reference though, if you think that match isn’t going to go the way of an England win then you are free to back the draw, and by doing so at Coral you will be rewarded with odds of 4/1, and for those of you that are convinced that the Czech Republic will win that match, their odds of doing so are of course huge at 11/1 right now.

Other Betting Opportunities

One thing worth point out about the Coral betting site is that they do tend to offer plenty odd price boosts throughout the day, and they do have quite a number of such betting opportunities currently live on their betting site.

Just make sure though that you get your bets and wagers placed before the match starts or it is at that moment in time that the live in-play betting markets will be going live on the Coral betting site, and make sure if you are not yet a customer of Coral you click on our links to get to their site to qualify for their generous sign up bonus too.

Price Boosts Available

As for just which price boost are on offer, well if you think that both teams are going to score at some point in time during the 2nd half that one time 3/1 bet has now been boosted in value to odds of 7/2.

The Czech Republic could of course score the very first goal in this match and if you think that is something that they may just do then you can now get enhanced odds on them doing so, for that bet was on offer at odds of 7/2, but Coral have just boosted the payout odds up to a much more tempting and appealing 9/2.

The odds of 5/2 were available on England to win and both teams to score, however those odds are no longer available, but they have been boosted up to odds of 3/1, and that bet is one that is worth considering, especially at those much higher odds!

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