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Enhanced Odds Acca Bets

acca betting at betfredThere is one bet that most football fans and punters alike cannot resist placing each week, and that is of course an Acca bet. Acca is simply the nickname given to an Accumulator bet, and it is a bet that is popular due to the simple fact the payout odds can be huge, and therefore you can win big when betting for small stakes.

To end up winning when placing an Acca bet what you need to do when placing such a bet on football matches, is to simply pick out the team you think will win a match or you can also  include any matches that you think will end in a draw too.

In fact, to be perfectly honest, you can place a football related Acca bet on any type of outcome you think will occur in any number of football matches, and the more selections you place on such a bet the higher in value the payouts can and win become.

The only thing that you do always need to keep in mind when placing such a bet, is that it will take just one of the matches you have bet on to not go the way you predicted for such a bet to be a losing one, and as such there are certainly risks associated with such bets.

However, one type of Acca bet to look out for each week is an Enhanced Odds Acca bet, and there will often be several of them available to you at a betting site, and the bookies will pick out several matches and name one team in those matches.

Those teams must all win and if they do then you will be paid out at the enhanced odds listed along each bet you have chosen to bet on.

Best Sites for Enhanced Odds Accas

To ensure that you have a good selection of enhanced odds Acca bets available to you week in and week out, you need to find a betting site that is best famed for offering plenty of them, and one site I just know you are going to enjoy betting at that does is BetFred.

That bookie has their own in-house team of odds compilers, and they make every effort to ensure the odds available on each of the many thousands of worldwide football matches they have listed on their betting site and are offering betting markets on, are some of the highest in the business.

Visit Betfred here!

However, they also do pick out several teams each week and will have them listed on their betting site but also on their state of the art betting markets and will perm those teams together in an Acca bet and then boost the payout odds.

So if you do fancy giving one of these types of bets a try then I just know you are never going to go wrong as a customer of the BetFred betting site, so do check out their website for more details, and if you use our links then the bonus offer showcased throughout this website is also available and on offer to you too if you haven’t yet signed up as one of their customers!

Tips for Placing Enhanced Odds Acca Bets

Keep in mind that it is going to always be your decision as to whether you should place a bet on any of the enhanced Acca bets that are going to be available to you at any betting site.

But if you are of the mind that one of the teams listed may just let you down, then it may be beneficial for you to try and hedge an Acca bet by also placing a bet on the opponents of the team you think may just let you down.

By doing so if that one team does end up letting you down in your Acca you may negate the loss by the payout that you will receive if their opponents do win and you hedged you Acca bet by placing a bet on that other team to win!

However, you can also put together you own unique football Acca bets if you much prefer, and I should also point out that some bookies such as the Coral betting site do offer a range of Acca bonus payouts, which they will add onto your winning payout depending on just how many teams you have listed on such a bet.

So keep that in mind if you do want to put together your own Acca bet and also wish to take advantage of those bonus payouts rather than rely on enhanced payout odds in just a small handful  of betting opportunities!

Alternative Bets

You are free to design your own unique Acca bets on any upcoming football matches, however I would actively encourage you to take a good look at the unique football coupon bets that each of our featured betting site are going to be offering you.

The reason why I suggest you check out those football coupon bets is that many bookies will be offering consolation bets when you place your bets on them, which are rarely on offer if you place an Acca type of bet on a standard betting slip.

You will also find bookies such as Coral, as mentioned up above, tend to give out bonus payouts which are going to be dependent on just how many teams you choose to perm together on their football coupon.

But always be aware that the more teams you do select the more chances are that one or more of those teams could let you down!

Having said that though, there will always be a chance that you would pick out the winners on a large number of football matches, and that is when you are going to be in the money for without a shadow of a doubt Acca bets can be some of the very highest paying bets you can place at any online or mobile betting site or even in a land based betting shop too!

Enhanced Odds Acca Bets
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