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Evening Matches for the 17th of January

There are a whole host of football matches that are going to be kicking off tonight across the globe, and from a change to the norm I want to give you a few pointers regarding which teams playing in those matches have the best chances of winning.

The odds I will be showcasing below are fixed odds, so they will not be moving in any direction, no matter how much money is placed on any outcome, and those odds are currently available over at the Ladbrokes sports betting site, so do keep that in mind.

There is a match that will be kicking off at 18:00 tonight and that is the Portugal Women v Ukraine Women match, I am of the mind looking at the form of the home team they are going to win that match and they do look a fair bet to do so with their win odds in that match being 20/23

Another match that is going to be kicking off at 18:00 tonight is the Santa Cruz RN v Globo RN match, as hard as I have tried to make a case for the away team winning that match I doubt they will and I do not think the match will go the way of a draw either so make sure you back Santa Cruz RN at their win odds of 8/5!

Spain Women v Belgium Women

Another match that I am sure a few punters of there will fancy including in their Acca bets placed on this evenings matches is the one between Spain Women and Belgium Women, for on paper that matches i only going to end one way!

That is of course a win for the home team and looking at their win odds over at Ladbrokes it is not hard to see why they are included in plenty of Acca bets for their win odds are 1/4, for reference the draw odds in that match are 21/5 and the home team are no hopers surely being as their odds of winning that match are 9/1.

Other Evening Matches Tonight

There are of course plenty of other matches that you could be tempted to back this evening and the Hapoel Tel-Aviv FC v Hapoel Hadera is one that sees the home team being offered at win odds of 20/23, the draw odds are 2/1 but the value bet is surely on an away team win for they do have a mighty fine chance of winning tonight at odds of 3/1.

At 18:30 tonight the Real Sociedad v Real Betis match will be kicking off and the odds on all three outcomes on that match indicate it is a hard match to try and call the result of. Bit having said that the home team are available at 29/20 the draw odds are 9/4 and you can back the away team at odds of 19/10.

One final match that could be worth betting on is the 19:00 kick off match between SC Victoria Hamburg and Hamburg Eimsbütteler BC, the home team should win that match with no real effort to be honest which is indicated very clearly by their win odds of 2/9!

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