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FA Cup Outright Winner Betting Update

I think it is fairly safe to say that teams such as Newport, AFC Wimbledon, Barnet, Accrington, Oldham and also Gillingham have very little chance of winning the FA Cup this year, however as they are still actively involved in that competition then there is always the chance any of those teams could come out on top and win.

However, their respective odds of doing just that currently are massive and those odds are as high as  1000/1 over at the BetFred betting site, so if you are an avid fan of any of those teams or think that they will win then you now know where to back them online or on your mobile device!

In fact, it would be a major shock in teams such as Portsmouth who are currently 200/1 or the likes of Doncaster, Shrewsbury or Bolton did manage to win the FA Cup this year and the odds on those latter three named teams are huge too at 250/1.

If you are trying to work out which other teams to knock off the list of potential winners then it is probably best that you knock off your list teams such as any of the 100/1 shots which are currently Middlesbrough, QPR, Millwall, Bristol City, Sheffield Wed, Brentford and Swansea too.

Teams Most Fancied to Win the FA Cup

As for the teams that most punters are of the ,mind have the very best chances of winning the FA Cup this year, well the favourite to do so is of course Man City at 9/4 who have been attracting plenty of support on the betting markets for this competition over at the BetFred betting site.

Next in the betting is Chelsea at 9/2 and then available at some slightly higher odds you have teams such as Tottenham at 7/1 and Man Utd at 8/1.

Other Teams Still in the FA Cup

There are of course odds being offered on all of the other teams that are still in the FA Cup competition and if you fancy the chance of one of the teams not yet mentioned that I will now give you an update as to their current odds, just keep in mind this market is of course live so the odds can and will change at any time moving forward.

You have Arsenal at 11/1 then there are three teams trading at 14/1 currently and they are Wolves, West Ham and Everton.

The odds then do jump in value quite significantly on the remainder of the teams and they include both Brighton and Watford who are very easy to back at odds of 33/1. Both Newcastle and Crystal Palace look risky types of bets as their current win odds are 40/1.

The final three teams that I have not yet mentioned are probably only going to be backed by diehard fans of each of them and for reference those teams and their current outright win odds are Derby at 50/1, Burnley at 66/1 and finally West Brom at 80/1.

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