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Featured Football Matches for June the 2nd

I wouldn’t say that you are going to be blessed with a huge range of top class football matches today, however there are a few matches that will be kicking off at some point in time today, somewhere in the world which may just appeal to you from a betting point of view.

One match that will be in play this afternoon is the Tianjin Teda FC vs Beijing Guoan match and the away team look like they should have a very easy game ahead of them which is reflected in the odds of that team Beijing Guoan being 1/2 to win the match.

The Italy U20 vs Poland U20 is sure to be of interest to many punters out there and looking at both teams, I am of the mind that it will bet the Italy Under 120’s team that should win that match which appears to be a view shared by most betting sites odds compilers who have that team up to win that match at odds of 10/11.

Columbia U20 and France Expected to win

The under 20’s World Cup is of course in play and as such you may be thinking about betting on the Colombia U20 vs New Zealand U20 match today, if so then you should following the smart money and back the Columbia U20 team for they have been backed right down to odds of just 8/11 to win that match.

I doubt that you are going to want to back the favourite to win the France vs Bolivia, for that team is of course France and it is impossible to back them right now due to their win odds being around the 1/20 mark!

Two Other Sunday Matches Worth Betting On

There are a couple of other football matches that I have picked out for you that you could be prepared to bet on at some point in time today, and one that I will be betting on is the Dijon FCO vs RC Lens match.

I am betting on hat match as I am convinced that Dijon FCO are going to win, but that is a view most bookies have on the most likely outcome of that match as they are offering odds of around 5/4 on that team winning, for reference the draw odds are 21/10 and you can back RC Lens at odds of around the 5/2 mark too.

One final match that you may fancy having a financial interest in today is the Minnesota United vs Philadelphia Union match, but do keep in mind that due to the time differences between the UK and the US that match is going to be kicking off quite later tonight.

As for the odds on both teams, well you can back the Minnesota United team to win that match at odds of around the 11/8 mark, the draw odds are generally on offer at 23/10, but if you think that it will be Philadelphia Union that will go on to win that match they can be backed at odds as high as 9/5 to win that match right now.

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