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First or Last Goalscorer Bet

bet on footballThere will often be one football player that you admire, and there is always going to be one player in any football team that is going to bang into the back of their opponents net throughout the season the most goals too.

With that in mind you are often going to be tempted to place a first or last goal scorer type of bet when the team you support is playing, and that is often a bet that can offer some quite impressive odds too, but that is often determined by just which bookie you place such a bet with.

The actual name of a first goalscorer bet or a last goalscorer bet does give you an idea of just how such a bet has been designed, for you have to use your skill and judgement to try and work out which player will score the first goal or last goal in any match.

As for the odds you will be offered when placing such a bet, that is determined by the likelihood of your chosen player scoring, obviously a defender is going to have much higher odds of scoring the first or last goal that a striker would!

The main attraction for punters of placing this type of bet is that any player could of course score  either the first goal or the last goal in any match and you will often soon know your fate if a goal is scored in any match in a short space of time too!

Best Bookie for First and Last Goalscorer Odds

You can often feel a tad annoyed and downhearted when pacing first or last goal scorer type bets, for when you do place a winning one you could find one of your mates also placed a winning one too, but he or she might have got some much better payout odds!

In fact, that is something you do run the very real risk of doing if you do not carefully pick and choose at just which betting sites you sign up to and bet at, and that is why I do thing when you do fancy placing such a bet your very first pot of call should be 12Bet.

That is a betting site that often has the full upcoming list of football matches loaded up on their betting platforms before all other bookies, and not only do they like to be the first bookie offering first and last goalscorer bets, but their odds are some of the best ones in the business too.

If you fancy giving them a try then one thing I would urge you to do is to click through any of our links to their website, for that way you will find displayed on their site when you land on it full details of an extra special sign up offer that is yours for the taking.

So make sure you check through the terms and conditions of that offer sooner rather than later, and claim it too as that will add even more value to your next football betting session when you do so!

Tips for Placing a First or Last Goalscorer Bet

You will find that some bookies could be offering you a betting market that will have the first and last goalscorer betting markets separate, meaning depending on which one you choose to make use of you have to pick out a player to score the first goal on one betting market and the player to score the last goal on another betting market.

However, some bookies will have both types of bets on offer on one single betting market and therefore as long as you chosen player does score the first goal in a match or the last goal in a match your bet will deemed to be a winning on.

But obviously the odds you will be offered on that type of two in one betting market will be much lower than the odds on offer if you place a bet on for example the first player to score on a first player to score betting market!

The only tip I can pass onto you for placing such a bet is to ensure the bookie you do finally place such a bet on is offering you the highest possible odds on the player you select, as believe me when I say some bookies are going to be offering you much lower odds than other bookies and the higher the odds the bigger your potential winning payout will become!

Alternative Bets

As long as you are always aware that some players do have very little chance of scoring a goal in any football match, and there will be no end of matches that end in a nil-nil draw, then you will always have plenty of added fun and excitement when placing a first or last goalscorer goal.

However, you are going to often be faced with hundreds upon hundreds of other types of betting opportunities available to you when you do fancy betting on any one single football match, and there are a handful of additional bets that could be ones you fancy placing instead of a first or last goalscorer bet.

One type of bet is a player to score at anytime bet, and when pacing such a bet as long as the player you do name scores at anytime in the first 90 minutes of any match or any injury time added onto the match by the referee then your bet will be a winning one.

In fact, I am aware that many punters do tend to place both a first or last goalscorer bet but will also play a player to score at anytime type of bet, just in case their chosen player scores a goal in between the first and last goals scored in any match, and they are slightly less riskier bets to place of course, however the odds on offer will reflect the slightly low risks associated with them of course.

First or Last Goalscorer Bet
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