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Football Match Betting

football match bettingYou have a 50-50 chance of winning when you place a football Match Bet, for when placing that type of bet the bookmaker will remove the draw from that betting opportunity, and as such you simply have to guess whether the home team or away team will win a match.

The standard betting rules apply to a Match Bet and as such it is the first 90 minutes of play that is counted, which does include any injury time, but it doesn’t include any extra time or if a match goes to penalties or golden or silver goals.

If the match you have chosen to place a Match Bet on ends in a draw then your stake is returned and that match is deemed to be void for match betting purposes. You can also perm any number of matches together in an Acca type of bet and plenty of bookies will also offer Match Betting Coupons too.

Just keep in mind though that even though there is a 50-50 chance of you therefore predicting the team that does win, the odds are never going to be even money on those types of bets, as the favourite to win a match will always be available at much shorter odds, and the underdog to win will be on offer at much higher odds too.

Best Bookie for Football Match Betting Odds

You are going to find plenty of top rated football betting sites listed throughout this website, however when it comes to you looking for a bookie that is going to be offering you the very highest match betting odds and plenty of football betting markets, there is one bookmaker I can recommend.

That betting site is 10Bet and thanks to our excusive sign up bonus, which as always is your to claim straight away when clicking through any of our links to get to the 10Bet website, you are going to get additional winning chances, check out the terms and conditions of that offer for more details.

But do feel free to check out any of our additional betting sites, as there can often be a lot of differences regarding the odds they are offering on all manner of different football matches held anywhere in the world.

Now, you owe it to yourself to always be actively looking around when it does come to getting the best odds available, and thanks to the team of odds compilers at 10Bet always going that extra mile to ensure their odds are some of the highest in the industry, you will find plenty of match betting odds you will find hard to resist.

One handy feature of that particular betting site is that they do also offer, in addition to their online betting, platform a fully download mobile betting app, so you can secure their famous above average football match bet odds no matter where you are and no matter when you fancy placing a bet on any upcoming football matches!

Tips for Placing a Football Match Bet

The savviest of punters are always going to be those that are able to take a step back when they get the urge to place any type of football bet, and then can and will be able to determine if it is worth betting on a match and try and make sense of the betting opportunities available.

The lower the risk of losing a football bet whilst ensuring the odds available are high is also a key element in being a successful and profitable football punter, and with just two possible outcomes on offer on a football match bet then the risks associated with such a bet will be extremely low, when compared to most if not all other types of football bets.

Whilst it can be rare for a bookie to offer you a consolation type of offer on their match betting markets, you will occasionally find a bookie that does, and any type of promotional offer or deal that does increase your chances of winning or not losing a bet is one you should investigate and make use of too.

Therefore be on the lookout for betting sites that could for example offer your stake money back as a free bet if you place a losing match bet but for example the match then goes on to end in a certain score or if a named by the bookie player scores a goal in the match that you have placed a Match Bet on.

Alternative Bets

Believe me when I tell you that there are never going to be any shortages of alternative bets that you can place instead of a Match Bet on any number of football matches that all offer you a 50-50 chance of winning.

However, some that will possible add another level of excitement to your viewing pleasure when watching any football match are known as under/over betting opportunities.

They can of course take many different forms, however I do think you will have plenty of fun when you place an over/under bet on the number of goals that you think will be scored in any match, and as those bets offer you a fair chance of winning when compared to most other football bets they are ones you are sure to want to place at some stage of your betting career too!

The way in which over/under betting markets have been designed isn’t going to force you to go on a very sharp learning curve either, for a bookie will select a score, such as 2.5 goals, and then you have to correctly predict whether the number of goals scored in any football match will be more than 2.5 goals or fewer2.5 goals.

The odds you will be offered will reflect the odds compilers thoughts as to just how many goals will be scored in any one match, so you will often find one of the two outcomes will have much lower odds attached to them than the other betting opportunity will have!

Football Match Betting
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