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Goals Galore Football Coupon

betfreds goals galore coupon
Exclusively at the King of Bonuses – Betfred!

Another type of football coupon bet that you may fancy making use of is known as the Goals Galore football coupon bet, this is a type of bet on which you can pick from three to fifteen football matches, and all that you will be hoping for as those matches are in play is that both teams score a goal.

It doesn’t matter how many goals each teams manages to score, as long as both opposing teams in each match you have chosen to put onto this type of football betting coupon does score a goal then you will receive a winning payout.


Being an Acca type of bet though you will have to see each team you have backed and listed on your bet scoring one goal each, for the bet to be a winning one.

However, what makes this bet ever so slightly different to all other Acca and football coupon bets is that the payouts will be known by you in advance, rather than you having to work out the individual odds on each team when you bet is a winning one.

If you are looking for a bet that can payout big, then a Goals Galore football coupon bet is one you will find of interest, in fact each week there are plenty of punters across the UK that do bag some fairly large winning payouts when pacing this type of bet.

But at the end of the day it is the number of selections that you put onto such a bet that will determine whether you are going to be placing a low risk bet and one that can payout a modestly sized winning payout, or whether you are going to be placing a high risk bet but one that can payout big style!

Best Site For Goals Galore Bets

The Goals Galore series of betting coupons are exclusively found over at the BetFred betting site, and as such if you do fancy placing a bet on any of them, then that is the betting site you need to sign up to!

In fact, what you are going to find on offer right now over at BetFred is a high valued sign up welcome bonus offer, to qualify for that bonus you have to click through to their website suing our links, and then it will be available to you instantly when you sign up and log into your account for the very first time.

What you are going to appreciate about betting with BetFred by the way is that they do offer betting markets on all worldwide football matches, tournaments, cup ties and leagues, and many of those matches will be listed upon their Goals Galore football betting coupon.

goals galore coupon
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You will of course have access to every other type of football bet to at BetFred, and with plenty of consolation bets on offer on those betting markets and with some of the best odds in the business on offer too, when you do win at BetFred when betting on football you often get much bigger payouts then you would do when betting at other betting sites.

Please do feel free to checkout our BetFred review too if you want to learn more about what they offer their customers, and make sure you do give them a try sooner, rather than later!

Visit then official Betfred website here!

Payout Odds on the Goals Galore Coupon

Let me now give you an overview of the odds available on the Goals Galore football coupon bet at BetFred. Be aware that the minimum amount of selections you can place on such a bet are three and you will be able to place up to 15 selections on that bet too.

Obviously the more football matches you pick out the bigger the potential winning payouts will be and when you pick three, four, five or six matches the payout odds are 31/, 11/2, 10/1 and 16/1 respectively.

However, if you do want to try for a big payout, then consider picking out seven, eight, nine or ten teams, for the odds available on each of those bets are 28/1, 45/1, 70/1 and 120/1!

If you are feeling particular lucky then consider placing eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen or fifteen on your Goals Galore betting coupon as the payout odds for each of those betting opportunities are huge, at 200/1, 300/1, 500/1, 800/1 and 1350/1.

Just keep in mind though that the more selections you make the higher the risks will be on your best, for those high odds are there for a reason, however you never know you could strike gold and win big when only betting for some very low stake amounts!

Alternative Bets

What I would very strongly advise you to do if you do fancy placing an alternative but similar bet to the Goals Galore football bet reviewed above, is make your way over to the BetFred betting site, for the owner of that betting site is passionate about football!

That passion really does shine through in the sheer number of additional Goals Galore and related football coupon bets they have on offer and you will therefore be able to place any type of football bet on a coupon bet that takes your eye.

Even if you have some rather unique types of football bets you do want to place you can always perm them all together on an Acca bet, and once again BetFred really are leading the current crop of online bookies when it comes to the bonus offers and deals they make available to their customers.

Do make sure however that you check out the BetFred Goals Galore Bonus Coupon, for what you are going to find on offer on that football bet are some much higher odds on the different number of selections you can place on it, and therein does lay your chance of winning big even if you set about placing only for some very low stake amounts, and if you do win big BetFred will always pay you out!

Goals Galore Football Coupon
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