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Half Time Betting

As far as the number of bets you can place on an upcoming football match, you are going to find that most bookmakers are going to be offering you over 100 individual types of bets on any football match, and as such it can be quite time consuming working out just what type of bet you should place.

half time betting opportunitiesHowever, there are plenty of bets that are rather simple in their design, and one that you may be tempted to place is a Half Time bet, and all you are going to have to do when placing such a bet is to try and determine which of three possible outcomes will be the one that will in place at the half time whilst.

Those three Half Time betting opportunities will be that that home team will be leading at half time, the match will be a draw at half time or that the away team will be winning at the point in time that the referee blows the whilst at half time.

This type of bet is quite a popular one, and as for the odds you will be offered, that is of course going to ultimately be determined by the chances of one team or the draw being the most likely result at half time.

However, by placing such a bet you will discover after 45 minutes whether you have placed a winning bet as opposed to having to wait the full 90 minutes, and you can perm several matches together on a single Acca bet by the way when Half Time betting!

Best Bookie for Half Time Bet Odds

Betting on football is going to see you being offered all manner of extras at some betting sites, for you will come across enhanced odds, Acca bonus payouts and plenty of betting sites will tend to offer you some form of consolation bets too.

However, when it comes to betting the one thing you should always have right at the top of your list of wants and demands are high odds, for at the end of the day you will want to get as much back in winnings as you possibly can do.

Therefore if you do ever get the urge to place a half time related football bet, then you should be heading on over to a betting site that will give you the highest odds, and with that in mind it is certainly going to be worth your time and effort signing up to Betfair.

They offer a betting exchange in addition to a standard betting site, and one of the benefits of choosing to use their betting exchange is that you are going to be placing bets and wagers with other punters, rather than a bookmaker.

That will then result in 9 times out of 10, or as near as damn it, in those other users of that betting exchange offering you far higher odds than a bookie would, and that in turn means you have the potential to get some much higher winning payouts!

Half Time Bet Tips

Thanks to the in-play betting markets that most if not all betting sites make live, once a football game has started, you do have the chance of laying off or even hedging any bets that you may have placed before a football match actually started.

Therefore that is something you should always keep in mind if you have placed a half time football bet, and the game is not going exactly as you had planned!

The way in which in-play betting markets have been designed is such that as soon as for example one team scores a goal in any match, their win odds will reduce and if they do take the lead then the odds on their opponents winning that match can increase, and those odds will always change in real time.

Therefore as you do have to act quickly when using an in-play betting market be prepared to do just that if you feel the best cause of action is to lay off or hedge a half time bet you have already placed.

Also, be on the lookout for betting sites that you haven’t yet placed at bet at offering you a high valued welcome bonus offer too.

For many of them will credit you with that bonus when you place an initial football related bet with them, such as a half time bet! But always check the terms and conditions of such bonus before claiming them, to see just how generous or not those welcome offers are!

Alternative Bets

There are, as mentioned above three outcomes that you can bet on when placing a half time type of bet, those being the home or away team will be leading at the half time point in a game of the match will be a draw at that moment in time instead.

However, you can also place a half time correct score bet on any match too, now obviously the number of goals that could be scored before the half time whistle is blown could be none, a small amount or a huge amount of goals, depending on just which teams are playing each other.

That means that you are going to find some half time score betting opportunities do come with some much higher odds than a standard half time bet, so consider placing one of those alternative bets if you fancy going for a much higher winning payout.

You can also place something known as a half time full time bet, and when doing so you have to correctly predict whether the match at half time will be a draw or either of the two teams will be in  the lead at half time, but you then also have to predict the outcome at full time too.

As you would expect the odds on offer to you on a half time full time bet will be much higher, but there are additional risks attached to such bets too!

Half Time Betting
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