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Houston Dynamo vs Los Angeles FC a Hard Match to Call

Football or Soccer as it is known over in the U.S.A. is not as popular a sport as it is in the rest of the world, however with the U.S. team winning this year’s Women’s World Cup their success has sparked an interest in sports bettors over there and those that fancy themselves as good football players too.

As the UK football season has still not yet started, you may fancy casting your football betting net wide and far, and if so then today I want to give you  few pointers as to just which football matches are being played in the U.S.A this coming weekend, and just which of them are worth betting on.

One match that is puzzling most punters and it does have to be said many bookies odds compilers, is the Houston Dynamo vs Los Angeles FC match which many punters are convinced can only possibly end in a draw, and the odds on a draw for reference are around the 13/5 mark.

The odds however on both Houston Dynamo and Los Angeles FC at betting sites such as BetFred are well matched at that bookie is going 6/4 on both teams winning that match so there is some valued available if you do rate the chances of either team.

DC United vs New England Revolution

Just keep in mind the time differences between the U.S and the UK of wherever you are based if you do fancy placing a bet on any U.S. soccer match that will be in play over the weekend, and there is another one that may just be of interest to you.

That is the match between DC United and New England Revolution, and if their odds are to be taken at face value, it is DC United that should come out on top in that match, and for reference those odds are around the 11/10 mark.

This however may just end up being one of those matches in which it ends in a draw and the draw odds are 12/5, and for those of you that think it will be New England Revolution that will win you should have no problems securing odds of at the very least 9/4 but do shop around to ensure you are not short-changed on those odds.

Los Angeles Galaxy vs San Jose Earthquakes

Moving onto one more match that you may fancy including in a treble with any of those listed up above, the Los Angeles Galaxy vs San Jose Earthquakes looks a good one to bet on, much more so if you want to take the odds on the favourite to win that match, that being the home team.

With odds of 20/21 generally being offered on Los Angeles Galaxy that should help boost the potential pay-out of a winning treble quite significantly, and just so you know the draw odds on that match are 13/5 with San Jose Earthquakes being offered at odds of 5/2 to win that match, but they will certainly be up against it in my opinion.

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