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Huddersfield Town vs Leicester City Match Predictions

At 15:00 this Saturday afternoon the Huddersfield Town v Leicester City match will be kicking off and the betting markets on that match will of course then switch over to being live in-play betting markets, but there isn’t expected to be a shock result int hat match.

For I think it is very far and true to say that all things considered, Leicester City are going to be taking the three points in that Premier League match home with them, and as such with that being the most likely result and one many bookies are convinced will be the result the win odds you are going to get on that team winning that match are not going to be huge.

But, over at the Betfred betting site they have reasonable odds on both teams and chalked up on the draw too, and those odds are 9/2 on the home team winning that match, 3/1 on the draw and the favourites to win that being Leicester are available at 4/6 too.

As for the way that the Bournemouth v Burnley match will possibly end, well it does appear that Bournemouth may just come out on top in that match and bag the three points and their win odds in that match at Betfred are 11/10, you can back the draw at 5/2 if you fancy doing so and the win odds on Burnley are 11/4.

Newcastle United v Crystal Palace

Not much is separating both Newcastle United and Crystal Palace on their match and if you do fancy betting on that match it could be a worth taking the 8/5 on Newcastle winning that match.

However, knowing their previous form it could be a match that finishes in a draw and you can back that outcome at odds of 11/5 and as for the odds attached to Crystal Place winning that match, they are up for grabs at fixed odds of 21/10.

Sunday and Monday Premier League Matches

At 14:05 on Sunday afternoon you will be able to watch the Everton v Arsenal match on TV as it is being televised, but the betting on that match odes leave a lot to be desired from an odds point of view.

The odds on Everton are not overly generous at 21/10, and the draw which may just be the outcome of that match is being offered at plenty of betting sites at 13/5, however you cannot underestimate Arsenal winning that match even though they are playing away and their odds of winning are 11/8.

You have until Monday night at 20:00 to get your bets placed on the Chelsea v West Ham match, however whether you are going to be prepared to back the favourites to win that match, that team of course being Chelsea at odds of 1/3 is up to you, but they do have a great chance of winning that match, and the draw and away team odds for reference are 19/4 and 9/1 respectively.

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