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India v Bahrain Match

Punters often have to look at betting on football matches in far flung parts of the world when it comes to them getting the best betting value, and one match that is one of several being played on the 14th of January that does warrant a closer inspection is the India v Bahrain match.

You may be wondering just which betting sites are going to be offering you odds on that match, well I have found that Ladbrokes are offering odds on that match and to be fair to them they do have a well balanced book on it, so it is worth checking that site out.

If you haven’t been following the form of either India or Bahrain, then it will probably be best advised that you void backing India for they are not expected to win that match and their 7/2 odds at Ladbrokes do reflect their chances.

Even though the draw does look tempting at odds of 12/5, the value lays in backing Bahrain to win , for they have a much better team and should come out on top, and as for the odds on offer on them winning that match which I feel they should do, those odds t Ladbrokes are 5/6.

UAE v Thailand

Another match that is scheduled to kick off on the 14th of January is the match that sees the UAE up against Thailand, and it shouldn’t take you very long to work out just which outcome is the most likely in that match.

I personally do fancy the chances of the UAE to win that match as their 4/5 odds do give an insight into just how easy that matches should be to win for them, as for the draw odds and the odds on Thailand winning that match they are 23/10 and 19/5 respectively.

Cagliari v Atalanta

It going to be a well balanced match form wise if you are planning on watching the Cagliari v Atalanta match on the 14th of this month, and I am of the mind that match will go the way of the draw and now would be a good time to take the 12/5 draw odds if you agree with me on the outcome of that match.

The odds on Cagliari are 13/5 to win that match, but whether Atlanta are going to win, well plenty of punters seem to think they have a good chance of doing so and that is a view Ladbrokes share too as they have them on offer at odds of 20/23.

Aris v Lamia 1964

The one other match that could be worth including in an Acca bet on the 14th of January is the match between Aris and Lamia 1964, and it is the home team that I feel should win that match and their odds off doing so are 4/7.

The match draw odds are 12/5 which are not exceptional however as for the chance so Lamia 1964 winning their odds are huge at 6/1.

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