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Italy U20 vs Japan U20

Football betting opportunities are still available even though the main footy season in the UK has drawn to a close, however you are of course going to have to look a little further afield if you fancy placing a bet today or in the next few days.

One match that mat be of interest to some of you out there is the Under 20’s matches between Italy and Japan, and that match will be kicking off later today. If that is a match that you have pencilled into your betting diary then allow me to give you an insight into just where the smart money is going on it.

To be fair, I wouldn’t say there has been great fortunes wagered on the futures betting market for the Italy U20 vs Japan U20 match and looking at the form of both teams it is also fair to say that they are very, very closely matched.

The odds on a win for the Italian team are 19/10, the draw odds are 13/10 and some of the best odds I have seen being offered today on the Japan under 20’s team are 2/1, and as such it is easy to see why most people are of the mindset that match will end in a draw and are taking the 13/10 odds on it ending that way too.

Senegal U20 vs Poland U20

The Senegal U20 vs Poland U20 is a match that has one of the most well balanced set of betting odds attached to all three outcomes that I have ever come across, for it would appear that odds compilers, especially those at Betfred have no idea of the way that match is going to end!

That is reflected in the fact that they are offering the Senegal U20 team to win at odds of 17/10, however they also have the draw odds chalked up at odds of 17/10, and they also have the Poland U20 also on offer at odds of 17/10 too, so I will leave it up to you to try and work out just which way that match will end, suffice to say those odds are currently there for the taking!

Chelsea vs Arsenal

There is of course one match in the UK that you may be interested in betting on today, and that is the match that sees Chelsea up against Arsenal, however you are going to have to spend quite some time hunting around to secure some decent win odds on that match if you fancy the chances of the favourite to win it.

That favourite is of course Chelsea and having spent quite some time this morning trying to find a bookie out there that is offering anything like decent odds on them winning, it is Betfred that does appear to be leading the way by offering Chelsea at win odds of 27/20.

That could however be one of those matches that do not go as expected, and as such you could be of the mind that it will be a match that ends in a  draw, if so then do shop around and make sure you do not secure odds any lower than 12/5 on it ending in a draw.

As for just what odds all your Arsenal fans are going to be able to secure on them winning, well it isn’t going to be too difficult for you to find a bookie offering you odds of or around the 23/10 mark, but try and shop around a you may find one or two bookies that have slightly higher odds than those on offer on an Arsenal win.

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