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Latest Copa America 2019 Odds

Many punters are drawn towards betting on the teams that they think have the very best chance of winning competitions such as the Copa America, for there are some teams that are always going to be a rock solid bet to win, and the one team that does spring to mind right now is Brazil.

Therefore, if you are of the mind that Brazil are going to come out on top and win this season then you should be actively hunting around for betting sites that are offering the very best odds on them doing so, and one betting site that are going 11/8 on them winning is Quinnbet.

When you factor into account the new customer sign up bonus at that betting site along with their ongoing promotional offers there is a lot to be said about giving them a try.

As for the odds they are offering on all of the other teams taking part in this competition, well the next one they have listed don their current betting market is of course Argentina, and to be fair it wouldn’t be too much of a surprise if they did go on to be crowned the champions at the end of the season, and the odds you can bag right now are certainly tempting on Argentina for those odds are 3/1.

Chile and Uruguay

If either Brazil or Argentina do not play up to their very best form, then there are plenty of lesser fancied teams that could do so and could be crowned the champion team in the Copa America this year.

However, as for whether that will be the case or not does remain to be seen but some teams that could take all the beating with an upturn in their form include the likes of Chile at 7/1 and Uruguay at 17/2 and there is also a case to be made for Colombia at 9/1 too.

All Other Team Have Double Digit Odds

There are seven other teams that are competing for the Copa America however the odds on each of them do give you something of an indication of their overall winning chances it does have to be said.

However you may be a fan of teams such as Ecuador and Paraguay and if so you can take advantage of some decent odds at Quinnbet on both of those teams as they are offering odds of 22/1 and also at those exact same odds is Peru too.

Venezuela and Japan at 40/1 look like bets that are unlikely to pay off, however it is your own money that you will be betting with so if you do think that either of those two teams do have a chance of winning then those odds are there for the taking for sure.

The two rank outsiders that are going to have to massively improve on all known form to win are Bolivia at 50/1 and Qatar at 100/1, but you will certainly be taking chances backing on either of them.

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