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Latest FA Cup Betting

We will of course soon know who this year’s winner of the FA Cup will be, however we are now at the point in time when the semi-finals will soon be kicking off, so you still have plenty of betting opportunities available to you, if you haven’t yet had a bet.

With four teams though still in that major football competition, it is true to say that the best value has long gone, on each of those four teams, but if you are prepared to look further away than the current red-hot favourite to win there are still some decent odds waiting to be secured on the other three teams.

With that in mind allow me to rattle through the current odds available on all four teams still in the FA Cup, and it is Betfred for reference that are currently offering the following odds, so you will have to get on over to their website to place a bet if you do fancy securing the following odds.

There is no getting away from the fact though that Manchester City are the current red-hot favourites to win, and you are sadly only going to be offered odds of 4/11 on them winning the FA Cup, but all things considered those odds are fair and reasonable even if they are a tad short!

Wolves are the Second Favourite to win the FA Cup

Anything can and often does happen in the FA Cup competition, and if you are of the mind that it won’t be Manchester City that will win it this year then it may be the second favourite you fancy backing, and that team is Wolves who are on offer at Betfred at odds of 4/1.

Next in the betting market you have Watford, but as to whether they will win the FA Cup this year, well we will have to wait and see of course however you can back them right now at odds of 10/1, and you can also back Brighton too at odds of 16/1.

This Weeks Semi Finals Matches

The first semi final FA Cup match of this week will be kicking off at half past five on the 6th of April, and that match will be the Manchester City vs Brighton match, but do not expect to be offer massive odds unless you fancy backing the draw or Brighton.

It is of course Manchester City that are the favourites to win that match and whether you will fancy backing them when you discover their win odd sin that match are 1/7 is up to you, but as for the draw odds they are high at 8/1 and you can secure massive odds of 20/1 on Brighton coming out on top and winning that match, if you do fancy their chances.

Then at four o’clock on the 7th of April you will be able to watch the Watford v Wolverhampton Wanderers match, and that match does have some much better odds associated with all three possible outcomes at the Betfred sportsbook.

The underdogs are Watford and they are easy to back right now at odds of 9/4, the draw odds are certainly decent too at 23/10 and the team that many punters and fans of the sport think are going to come out on top and win that match are Wolverhampton who are 11/8 to win that match at Betfred.

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