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Latest Premier League Relegation Betting News

I think that it is very fair to say that out of the teams that are in the Premier League the one that most punters and fans of the sport are convinced will be relegated at the end of the season is Huddersfield, and most if not all betting sites are offering punters odds on that being the case of 1/100.

Whilst you will never get rich backing that team to be relegated, keep in mind that betting sites such as BetFred will be offering you odds on plenty of other teams, any of which you may or may not fancy backing.

If you do fancy backing any other teams in the Premier League to get relegated, then below I will walk you through the odds that betting site are offering on several different teams, but keep in mind that betting market is live and in play and as such the odds listed below are subject to change at any time.

As for two other teams that you will find are available at odds on are Fulham at 2/9 and Cardiff at 4/9 and the three teams mentioned are the current most likely teams to be relegated, and they are obviously the ones most punters are backing.

Other Teams Being Backed

Let’s face it, those three teams already mentioned up above are the ones that currently have the best chances of being relegated, but anything could happen in the rest of the season, and there are a couple of other teams punters are backing but at some much higher odds.

The first of those two teams is Burnley and if you think they will drop down at the end of the season then now is the time to bag their 2/1 odds of doing so at BetFred, there is also the chance that Newcastle could be relegated and their odds are 7/1.

Three Other Teams to Consider Betting On

BetFred do have three other teams listed on their Premier League relegation betting market, however those three additional teams are available at some much higher odds, and as such their realistic chances of being relegated are not as high as any of the teams mentioned above.

The first of those teams is Southampton and if you think there is any chance what so ever of them being related then as far as the odd you will be offered on them doing so right now are appealing, for those odds are 12/1.

Brighton are a strange team, for one minute they are playing at the top of their collective form and the next they are not, however they are another team that BetFred will be offering you odds on to be relegated at the end of this season and those odds may appeal to a few of you out there being as they are 16/1.

The final team you can get odds on are Crystal Palace and those odds are currently around the 20/1 mark.

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