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Latest Premier League Relegation Betting

When you take a look at the Premier League table, it is easy to spot some teams that are destined to be relegated at the end of those season, and one team that does spring to mind is of course Huddersfield Town and there odds to be relegated are tiny at just 1/20.

In fact, when you take into account the current positions of teams such as Fulham and the way they have been playing this season in the Premier League it is a fair bet that they too will be sportsbook, and BetHard one of our top rated betting site are offering odds on them being so of 5/14.

That online and mobile sportsbook are offering odds on most of the teams in the Premier League to be relegated, so if you fancy placing any number of bets today on the teams you are certain will be making the drop this season then you should be placing your bets with them.

As for the one other team that is currently available at odds-on to be relegated, that team is Cardiff City and as for the odds you will be offered, well if you are quick you should easily be able to get odds of 2/3 on them being relegated at the end of the season.

Could Burnley or Newcastle be Relegated?

All football fans are going to have their own opinions of just which teams are going to be relegated in any league or division, and therefore there does appear that in the Premier League there are two teams that if they do not buck their ideas up could be heading for the drop.

The first of them is of course Burnley who are hovering dangerously close to the relegation zone and the odds on them being relegated currently are 13/10, and Newcastle are another team and their odds of dropping down are 5/2.

Teams That Should Escape the Drop This Season

It is a fairly safe bet that Southampton are not going to be relegated from the Premier League this season, and their odds of 8/1 of being relegated give you an idea of how safe they currently are.

Those football teams that are also going to be fairly confident of remaining in the Premier League once the season has ended include the likes of Crystal Palace at 20/1, Brighton at 40/1 and also Bournemouth whose odds of being related are huge at 80/1.

Everton will not be going anywhere at the end of the season for their odds of being relegated are 250/1 and then you have the likes of West Ham, Wolves and Leicester who BetHard are offering even higher odds of being relegated and those odds are 400/1.

The only other team that BetHard are offering punters odds on to be relegated at the end of this season are Watford, but you will be throwing your money away if you do decide to back them as their odds of being so are huge at 500/1!

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