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Leeds Now Odds-On to Win the Championship

The odds on Leeds United to win the Championship were fairly decent before the start of the season, however thanks to their prowess on the pitch and their recent successes their odds have dropped very noticeably recent and now they are odds-on to win the Championship this season.

As far as just where you are still going to be able o get decent odds on them winning the title this year, well I have found that Coral are offering 10/11 to win the Championship this season and that is the betting site you should therefore be placing such bets at.

But keep in mind that you are not only going to be able to back any one single team to win that league title outright, you still have the option of betting on any team each-way too, and there are some extremely generous each way betting teams on offer at Coral.

You will get paid out to two places on the place part of an each-way bet placed on any team in that league and the percentage of the win odds paid out on that part of such a bet are one third of the win odds too. So if you do fancy backing any other team other than Leeds then an each-way bet is what you should be thinking about placing.

Second and Third Favourites

If you fancy backing the second favourite to win the Championship in the 2018/19 season then that team right now is Norwich and the odds you can currently bag on them are certainly appealing right now for they are on offer at Coral at odds of 10/3.

There are also two not one third favourites and they are Sheffield Utd and West Brom and the odds compilers cannot currently separate them in the betting and as such have the chalked up at win odds of 11/2.

Double and Triple Digit Odds

The remaining teams in the Championship can be currently backed at either double digit or triple digit odds so that does give you an insight into what their respective chances are of winning the league title this season.

Those teams and their odds are Middlesbrough who are next in the betting at odds of 20/1 and then you have Derby who are available at odds of 25/1.

Aston Villa do face an uphill task if they are going to win the title this season and not many people are of the mind they will, and that is reflected in their current win odds of 66/1!

Bristol City and Nottingham Forest cannot possibly win this season as suggested by their current 100/1 win odds and the same can also be said for the last few teams which include the likes of Birmingham and Hull and also Swansea who are on offer at odds of 200/1.

The last few teams are Blackburn, Brentford and QPR who are friendless in he betting markets and can be backed at odds of 250/1 and finall there is Stoke who cannot possibly win the title at their odds of 500/1!

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