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Lionesses Set to Roar Against Argentina

It is going to be a major shock in the England Women’s team do not win their match this evening against the Argentina Women team, but when it comes to you betting on that match, I doubt there will be a mad rush of punters backing England to simply win that match.

I can say that with a great degree of certainty, for who in their right mind is going to back England to win when the generally available odds on them winning that match are 1/14? The draw looks a reasonable bet at 8/1 and as for whether punters will be prepared to back Argentina to win at 25/1 does remain to be seen.

For those of you that are seeking out some much better odds on this match, then how about placing a bet on any of the total goals betting markets betting site such as BetFred have currently chalked up and on offer.

Those four betting markets include 1.5 total goals market on which the Over bet is reasonable at 1/9 and the Under bet whilst unlike does have generous odds attached to it of 5/1, the 2.5 total goal betting market offers the Over bet at 2/5 and the Under bet at 7/4, the 3.5 total goal option offers the Over bet at even money and the Under bet at 8/11 and finally the 4.5 total goal option sees the Over  bet at 9/4 and the Under bet at 1/3.

Both Teams to Score Bet

It will be up to you and you alone as to whether you do decide to make use of any of the many additional betting opportunities that are going to be available to you at most bookies’ sites on this match.

One fairly low risk betting market will see you having to guess whether both teams will score at some point in that match, and the two options available and the odds you will get on them are No at 4/11 and of course Yes and the odds on hat option are 2/1.

Which Players Will Score?

You can place as many bets as you like on the players scheduled to take to the pitch in this match and back any of them to score the first or last goal or to score at any time in the match too.

If you want to place a low risk bet then I would suggest you back the likes of either Taylor or White to score a goal at any time for they are the two players that are most likely too and you will be able to secure odds on both of them of 5/6.

There are some other players that could go on to score any number of goals in this match, and if you like the chances of Parris doing so you can back term at odds of 10/11, or take the 11/8 odds on players such as Duggan or Kirby to score at any time in the first 90 minutes instead.

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