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Liverpool vs. Bayern Munich Correct Score Betting

The clock is of course ticking down until the kick off for tonight’s match between Liverpool and Bayern Munich, and Liverpool are the favourite to win that match but sadly the odds available at most bookies on them winning that match are very low and unappealing to punters.

Therefore, I know many of you out there are going to be on the hunt for a range of additional betting opportunities available on that match, and the correct score betting markets at sites such as Bruce Betting are certainly worth checking out as you will find out below!

As for some of the most popular current correct score bets and wagers being placed on Liverpool to win that match, well at Bruce Betting they are going to be given you odds of 8/1 on Liverpool winning that match 1-0 or you can back them to win 2-0 at even higher odds of 10/1.

Some other possible outcomes off that match with Liverpool winning are 2-1 on offer at odds of 15/2, 3-0 on which you can secure odds of 16/1 or you may think Liverpool will win this match with a score line of 3-1 and if so you can back that score at odds of 14/1.

Correct Score Draw Odds

There is of course always the chance that this match may just end in a draw and with that in mind I will now give you an insight into the odds on offer on a range of different draw score lines.

The 0-0 draw betting odds are 8/1, but if you think this match is going to end in a 1-1 then the 11/2 odds on offer at Bruce Betting are certainly going to be appealing to you, however the 2-2 draw is on offer at 10/1 and as for the 3-3 that is available at odds of 40/1 or for a huge potential payday consider the 4-4 that is available at huge odds of 250/1!

Bayern Munich to Win Correct Score Betting

You could of course be of the mind that it will be Bayern Munich that will prevail in this match and is so there are plenty of correct score betting opportunities available to you.

You could back them to win with a score of 1-0 at odds of 11/1 or think that the most likely score line they will achieve and will win this match by will be 2-0 and if so the odds on offer on that correct score are 18/1.

The 2-1 score line win for Bayern Munich can be backed at decent odds of 10/1, however if you think they will win 3-0 then you will be tempted to back them to do so as the odds on that correct score are huge at 40/1.

Next there is the 3-1 bet at odds of 25/1, but I doubt any of the other possible correct scores are going to be the one that this match will end in, but do check out the Bruce Betting if you do have another score in mind.

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