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Long Term Betting on the Scottish Premiership

The Scottish Premiership early betting markets are now open, and you will probably have your own ideas as to the team you think is going to win the title race in the upcoming 2019/20 season, and most of you out there will fancy the chances of Celtic.

Celtic however, are also the team that all bookies are fearful of and as such you are not going to find huge and generous early odds on them winning the Scottish Premiership title race right now, in fact try as I may this morning I haven’t seen any bookie offering odds any higher than 1/3 on them winning that league.

If you are much more of the mindset that it will be Rangers that are going to have a good season this year and into 2020, then there is fortunately no ends of bookies offering much better odds on that team than the odds attached to Celtic.

It won’t take you very long to find bookie that will give you early odds on Rangers winning the Scottish Premiership of 9/4, but now is when you should be securing those odds, as they will drop if Rangers do win plenty of matches during the first few weeks of the season, so do keep that in mind.

Could Aberdeen Land the Spoils?

If you do end up backing one of the two teams listed up above, then you will not want one of the underdogs to have a good season playing, however one of those underdogs could perform something of a miracle and end up winning the Scottish Premiership.

That is an unlikely scenario to be perfectly honest though when you take a look at the confidence behind both Celtic and Rangers on the early betting markets, however one team that is on offer a much lower odds than each of the other teams not yet mention is Aberdeen, and at odds of 25/1 those odds could be high enough into tempting you to place a bet on them.

Three and Four Digit Odds

If you do however rate the chances of any of the other teams and choose to back them right now you are going to be impressed with the odds you can secure on those other teams, take for example both Hibernian and Hearts they are currently being touted at odds of 100/1 and will probably continue to be available at those three digit odds for quite some time.

Next in the betting you have the likes of Kilmarnock, who are a 200/1 shot, however the odds then jump hugely on teams such as St Johnstone and Motherwell who are very easy to back right now at odds of 1000/1.

Livingston have no chance according to the early betting markets for they are up for grabs at odds of 1500/1, and as for Hamilton they are a 2000/1 chance and the two outsiders that only very avid and loyal fans are going to be backing are St Mirren and Ross County, both of whom if you can believe it are being offered at massive odds of 2500/1, and those odds do let you know what their chance of success in the 2019/20 season are of course.

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