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Mali vs Ivory Coast

Euro Sports 2 are going to be broadcasting tonight’s match between Mali and the Ivory Coast and as such that could be a match you do fancy betting on as you can always tune into the TV sports channel and keep up with the game as it is in play.

Do also keep in mind that as bookies and each of our featured betting sites are also going to have in-play betting markets live on that match once it does begin, you can continue betting right up until the dying minutes of the game.

The way the current betting is going though on that match, its fair to say that it is Mali that are the underdogs to win it, for most bookies are of the same mind and as such have odds of around the 5/2 attached to that team winning that match.

It is of course the Ivory Coast that most punters are convinced are going to win that match, and with some hunting around you should be able to secure odds of 11/8 on them winning that match, the draw odds for those of you out there that are draw backers are around the 19/10 mark, so there is a tad of value to be had by backing the draw in this match, if you can secure those odds or higher ones.

Ghana vs Tunisia

I think you are going to have to spend quite some time looking over the Ghana vs Tunisia match, for on paper it does look like it is going to be a very close run match, and either side could just bang in a lucky goal and end up winning that match.

However, let me give you an insight into just what odds are being offered on all three possible outcomes of that match as that will give you an insight into just what way the bookies think that match will end.

The draw odds are 15/8 so many betting sites are of the mindset that match will go the way of a draw, the odds on Ghana coming out on top and winning it are 6/4, and then you have Tunisia who are chalked up and being offered at odds of 23/10, so I will leave it up to you to try and work out the way that match will end, as it is a tricky one for sure.

Nigeria vs South Africa

It isn’t until Wednesday night that the Nigeria vs South Africa match is going to be in play, so you do have plenty fop time to try and work out what the outcome of that match will be and to get your bets placed on it too.

The early betting on that match though is such that it is Nigeria that are being offered as the favourite to win it at odds of around the even money mark, and the draw odds are 21/10, but for those of you that think it will be South Africa that will come out on top, they are on offer at many betting sites at odds as high as 7/2.

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