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Manchester City vs Leicester City Handicap Betting

I think its fair to say that as far as tonight’s match between Manchester City and Leicester City goes, it should be the home team that take the three points in that match, and it would certainly be something of a shock result if the away team did win that match.

In fact, the draw looks highly unlikely too, but sadly you are not going to find a single bookie offering you what anybody could call decent odds on a Manchester City win tonight, and that is reflected on all betting sites betting markets for this match.

Manchester City have of course won 18 of their last 19 home matches and tonight should make it 19 home wins out of 20 matches, and the odds you can back them at to win this match are around the 1/6 mark, the draw odds are huge at 8/1 and Leicester City fans will be the only punters backing them to win even though their win odds at massive at 16/1!

What may be of interest to you however is that betting sites like BetFred are offering a couple of handicap betting markets on this match, and as such if you are looking for some much better odds on a Manchester City win then it will be on those betting markets you will find better odds.

Handicap +2.0 Betting Market

You will be offered odds of 6/5 on Manchester City winning this match if you back them to win with a handicap of -2 goals, and all things taken into account there is a good chance they could win this match even with their opponents being given a two goal start.

You can also get odds of 3/1 on a -2 goals Handicap Tie, and with a +2 goals start the odds on a Leicester City are certainly tempting with them being 6/4 at BetFred.

Handicap +4.0 Betting Market

The tables are somewhat turned on the BetFred -4 handicap markets for a Manchester City win, for if you do think they are still going to win this match starting with a theoretical four goal deficit then the odds you can bag right now are 6/1!

By backing the -4 goal Handicap Tie bet you will be able to secure odds of 11/2, and obviously with a +4 goal start for betting purposes Leicester City’s odds are tiny for them to win on that handicap option, and for reference those odds are 2/9!

There are also going to be a huge number of additional betting opportunities on tonight’s match over at the BetFred betting site, so if you want to see just what they are offering and just what odds you can secure then head on offer to their website and take a look over their betting markets.

Plus, do consider taking them up on their sign-up welcome bonus offer if you haven’t yet signed up to BetFred, for if everything goes your way it will help you get off to a winning start!

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