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Newcastle vs. Wolves Power Prices

I doubt the Newcastle vs. Wolves match in play later on this afternoon is going to be an overly exciting match to watch, and to be fair most punters and football fans will have that match pencilled in as a 0-0 draw!

Over at Paddy Power they are offering odds on Newcastle to win that match at 15/8, the draw is available at odds of 2/1, and if you do think it will be a 0-0 draw their odds on that correct score are appealing at 6/1, and Wolves are on offer to win the match at odds of 17/10, which they may just do of course.

However, it will be the Power Prices they have available on their betting markets that most punters will be placing bets on in the hope of a few additional things happening in that match, to be rewarded with some much higher payouts.

For example if you think that J Shelvey will be booked at some point in that match they were offering odds of 11/4 but have no boosted them up to odds of 10/3 and they are also offering enhanced odds of 5/1 from 4/1 that R Neves will score at anytime in the match too.

Boosted Odds on a Correct Score Wolves Win

One bet that does look like a value packed one is that Wolves will win that match with a correct score of 2-1, 3-1 or 4-1, for the odds on that happening were 6/1 however they have no upped them to odds of 7/1.

One other bet that did catch my eye that could just pay off is for S Rondon to score the very first goal in that match, as that bet originally was on offer at odds of 13/2 which was a fair set of odds, however they have increased those odds to 15/2 making it a bet most savvy punters and football fans alike will be tempted to place today.

Get 10/1 on Wolves Winning 2-1

I just know that plenty of you out there will be convinced that Wolves are going to win this match, and as such if you think they will do so with a correct score of 2-1 then make sure you place your bets via the Power Prices on offer over at the Paddy Power betting site.

For Wolves to win 2-1 they were offering odds of 17/2 however for reasons best known to the odds compilers at that betting site they have given them a massive boost in value and as such if you are quick you can now get 10/1 on that 2-1 correct score betting opportunity!

One additional set of Power Prices that Paddy Power will be offering you on this match is for Wolves to be leading 1-0 at half time but then they go on to win the match which a score of 2-0. That bet was originally on offer at odds of 22/1 but now you can bag odds of 28/1 on it, which is going to see your potentially winning payout being massively increase in value!

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