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No Value in England to Top Group A in Euro 2020

I’m sure that no matter which betting site you choose to visit today, you are going to find all manner of different betting opportunities on Euro 2020, and one of the betting markets you are bound to come across no matter where you choose to look is the Group A winner betting market.

With just five teams in the Group and without a single match having been played in it, you are going to get a very good idea as to just which way punters are betting and also get a very good idea of just which team the bookies think are going to top that Group by checking out the current state of the betting markets.

Well, I will save you the time and effort checking them out for it is England that everybody thinks are going to be the team that wins Group A, in fact that sadly is reflected in the odds you are going to be offered on them doing so, for those odds are appalling low at just 1/6, and there is not real value to be had by backing that at that price.

Back another Team as the Group A Winner

I am sure that some of you out there will think that despite the current form of the England team and the way that they have been playing in recent competitions they could be prone to an equally youthful but skilful team.

If that is the case then the only other team that I do feel if everything does go their way could help them top Group A is the Czech Republic team, and as far as what the bookies feel are their chances of doing so you can get odds of 10/1 at William Hill and a host of other betting sites too.

Final Three Teams and Their Odds

A leap of faith is what you are going to have if you bet on any of the three other teams in Group A to end up at the top of that Group but by backing them right now you are going to be satisfied with the odds you will be offered.

The first of those three other teams is of course Montenegro and as far as just how generous the odds available on them heading Group A, well I will leave it up to you to decide if 12/1 are tempting enough for you.

Next in the betting are Bulgaria and having weighed everything up and taken everything into account in all fairness I do feel the 16/1 odds being offered by bookies such as William Hill are reasonable.

As for whether Kosovo are going to surprise everybody in Euro 2020 and win match after match, well that does of course remain to be seen, but as fair as the bookies are concerned they have no realistic chance of heading Group A and are much more likely to be the team at the bottom of Group A than at the top and their win odds for reference are 20/1.

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