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Norwich City 2019/20 Special Betting Opportunities

As the start of the next football season is fast approaching, now is the time when plenty of savvy punters are going to be trawling through the unique betting markets that all major betting sites are going to be offering their customers.

Take BetFred for example, that bookie is famed for offering plenty of excusive and unique betting markets on all football leagues, and one that did catch my eye this morning was the range of special bets they are offering on Norwich City for next season.

One bet that does jump off their betting platform is the bet on which you can back Norwich City to stay up in the Premier League at the end of next season, for that is a fair old bet much more so when you realise they are offering odds of 4/5 on it.

There will probably be some of you out there that feel that team have no possible chance what so ever of remaining in the Premier League at the end of the 2019/20 season, and they are going to be relegated, well if you think they will be are you tempted to put your money where your mouth is an back them to be relegated at odds of 10/11 that Betfred are offering right now?

Could Norwich City Win the Premier League Title in 2019/20?

If you asked let’s say 100 football fans whether they though that Norwich City had any chance whatsoever of winning the Premier League title this coming season, it’s a fair bet that most of not all of them would say no.

Whilst Norwich City winning the title next season is highly unlikely to happen, some punters could be tempted to back them, and by doing so right now they will be rewarded with odds of 2000/1, but it will of course be a very risky bet and one that is highly unlikely to pay off.

Norwich City Top 4, 6 and 10 Position Betting

Three additional bets can also be placed on Norwich City right now, and they all revolve around that team finishing in one of the top positions in the Premier League next season.

If you are of the mindset that they are likely to finish in any of the top 10 positions of the Premier League next season, then how about taking the generous 10/1 odds that BetFred are offering punters right now.

The odds are somewhat higher in value if you think that Norwich City will fill one of the top 6 positions at the end of next season and those odds are three-digit odds being 100/1. The odds are huge on Norwich City finishing in any of the top four positions in the Premier League at the end of the 2019/120 season and for reference if you are quick you are going to be able to bag odds on that bet of 500/1, but its fair to say not many punters will be placing that bet.

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