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Paddy Power Unique Liverpool vs. Porto Bets

You really do have to hand it to the team over at Paddy Power, they always do like to give their customers the biggest and best range of football betting opportunities on all up- and coming matches, and that is something they are offering on tonight’s match between Liverpool and Porto.

However, I think it’s fair to say that most punters are going to avoid placing a bet tonight on the team that is expected to win that match quite easily, for that team is of course Liverpool and the reason punters will be giving them a wide berth is that their win odds are tiny at around 1/4!

You could of course try and beat the odds and hope the match ends in a  different outcome than the most obvious one, and if you do then Paddy Power will reward you for your bravery by offering you draw odds of 5/1 and will also give you massive odds of 10/1 of you back Porto to win that match too.

 But at the end of the day I think you are seriously going to be tempted to bet on some of the more unusual and exclusive betting opportunities that bookie is offering on that match tonight and as such below I will let you know what those bets are and just what odds they are offering on them too.

Low Risk Betting Opportunities

With odds of 1/4 about Liverpool winning this match, you will be of the mind that there are some things that will happen in the match you can rely on such as Liverpool to score in both halves and also Liverpool to get awarded over 1.5 corners in each half too, and if so that is just one of the many unique bets that Paddy Power are offering and the odds on that bet are very, very reasonable at 17/10.

You will probably also be of the mindset that Liverpool will not only win but they will also be awarded the most corners and that Porto will end up getting the most cards dished out in that match, and that is another of the very unique betting opportunities that Paddy Power are offering right now and the odds on that bet are for reference 7/4.

A Few Other Liverpool vs. Port Bets to Consider

Liverpool should be winning and in the lead at the half time whistle and then should go on to win the match at the full time whistle too and that is a bet you can place at Paddy Power, but by also including in that bet Port to get the first card dished out in the match and Liverpool to be awarded with the first corner the odds become 3/1.

There is also a rather tempting bet that pays out at odds of 4/1 and that bet is that both teams will have 2 or more corners in each half, and those odds are way too high to miss out on for there has to be a chance that will be something that does happen in this match.

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