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Player to Score a Hat-trick Bet

How many times have you seen one player scoring a hat-trick? Ask yourself that question the next time you are faced with a betting market that offers such a betting opportunity, for once you do so you will then realise why the odds on that type of bet offered to you are so high.

That isn’t of course to say that you should avoid placing such a bet, for during the course of a season plenty of footballers are going to rattle at least three goals into their opponents net, it is the art of knowing which one is more likely to do so that you need to fully master.

betting on a hat trick being scoredThere are of course several rules to such bets, with the main ones being that any player you do bet on to score a hat-trick must score in his opponents net as home goals of course do not count, and it is the first 90 minutes of play that will count along with any injury time, but rarely if ever any extra time.

As for where you should be placing such a bet, well below you will find details of one bookie that does come recommended, and as long as you keep your stakes to sensible levels, and are aware of the risks of such a bet losing, they can add another extra level of excitement to any football match you are planning on watching, but it will be the high odds that usually tempt you to place such a bet!

Best Bookie for Hat-trick Bet Odds

When it comes to getting odds that are worth taking, well you are going to be faced with hundreds of different betting sites of course, however Ladbrokes being one of our featured betting sites are going to be offering you this type of bet, and some very attractive looking odds too.

That betting site does of course offer plenty of additional bonus bets and consolation bets too, and as such it is always going to be worth your time and effort taking a quick look over their daily deals much more so if you are thinking of betting on football matches.

The odds usually never change on the Hat-trick betting markets as they are known as fixed odds, so no matter how much more is placed on one player to rattle in three goals at least in a single football match, the odds you see will never change.

In fact, if you haven’t signed up to Ladbrokes then there is no better time than doing so that right now as you will be able to claim their welcome bonus offer, which you will qualify for as soon as you click through any of our links that take you straight over to the Ladbrokes betting site.

As with all bets and bonuses too, there will be an individual set of terms and conditions for each of them at the Ladbrokes betting site, and the savviest punter must always read through each of them before signing up and placing a bet, just so they know how they have all been structured and designed, so make sure that is something you do!

Hat-Trick Bet Tips

Over your life time when betting on football matches, you are probably going to experience more losing bets than winning ones, and that is certainly going to be true if you do tend to place a lot of this type of Hat-trick bets.

As such you need to keep a sane and level head when betting on football in general, and when it comes to the likelihood of a player scoring a hat-trick in any one single match, the odds being offered to you by a bookie are always going to reflect a player’s chance.

It is of course going to be the players that are in the right position to score plenty of goals and those that are at the top of their form that will have a much better chance of scoring a hat-trick, and if there is one time I can pass onto you when placing such a bet, it is to ensure you keep you stake levels down to some easy to manage amounts and amounts you can afford.

There is no better thrill in the world when betting on football matches and also on individual players too, however if you do place lots of these types of Hat0triekc bets you are going to have to be prepared to see plenty of them losing!

Alternative Bets

The one main benefit of betting on a player to score a Hat-trick that will appeal to you is that the odds you will be offered on such a bet will be high. However, there are plenty of alternative bets that you can place on a football match.

Most betting site these days are going to offer you a bet on which you can try and predict whether there will be lots of goals scored in a football match, and the Over/Under betting markets may offer you some attractive odds but also lower the risk of you placing a losing bet.

When you want to place an Over/Under bet you simply have to predict correctly if during the standard 90 minutes of play there will be more goals scored or fewer goals scored than the goal line a bookie has set on each of those types of bets.

So if you think that a player will score a Hat-trick for example then take a look at the 2.5 goals Over/Under betting markets and place a bet on the Over 2.5 goals option.

By doing so if any player does score three goals or even if any other players score in total three goals between them then that type of bet will be a winning one, and as there are only ever two potential outcomes on such a bet you have a much greater chance of winning when placing an Over/under type of bet, however the odds will be lower than a Hat-trick bet of course!

Player to Score a Hat-trick Bet
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