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Premier League Latest Relegation Odds

You will be faced with plenty of betting opportunities on the Premier League. However, if you fancy placing a bet on any of the teams to be relegated, then I would urge you to pay a visit to the BetHard betting site.

They are famed for having some of the best odds and some of the very best football betting promotional offers, and being one of our top rated and fully approved sportsbooks you will never run into any problems betting with them either.

As for the teams that do look likely to be relegated at the end of the season, well the red hot favourite team to be relegated currently is of course Huddersfield Town and the odds available on them being so right now at BetHard are 4/19.

There are three other teams that are odds-on to be relegated at the end of this season and for reference they are Burnley at odds of 2/5, Fulham who really have been having a dismal season at 1/2 and also Cardiff City at 4/7.

Could Newcastle be Relegated?

It is looking highly likely that it will be some of the above teams that are going to be booted out of the Premier League at the end of this season. However, it is still possible for them to redeem themselves and stay in the Premier League.

It is also quite feasible that some of the other teams that look unlikely to be relegated could suddenly lose what form they have and end up being related and one team you may fancy backing it Newcastle at their win odds of relegation are 5/1.

The Rest of the Teams Look Safe

To offer something of a balanced betting market, BetHard are offering odds on all other teams in the Premier League to be relegated and that does of course mean each of those not yet named are available at some much higher odds.

You will find Southampton on offer at odds of 9/1, you can back Brighton at odds of 14/1 and Crystal Palace are also available at high odds and they are 18/1 shots.

Both West Ham and Leicester are 125/1 shots to be relegated so there is very little chance what so ever either of them will end up at some stage in the relegation zone for the remainder of the season, the same can also be said of Watford who are chalked up at massive odds of 150/1 to be relegated.

As for Bournemouth, well they shouldn’t have any worried about staying and playing in the Premier League next year, but if for some strange reason you do think they are going to be relegated then they can be backed at large odds currently of 200/1!

Wolves are a 300/1 shot, Everton are not going anywhere at the end of the season as their 500/1 relegation odds do imply  and as for Man Utd they also have very little if anything to worry about being as they are on offer at odds of 750/1 to be relegated.

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