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Premier League Matches Kicking Off on the 29th of January

Premier League action returns this week and there are plenty of matches that are going to be kicking off on the evening of the 29th of January, and that does of course mean there are plenty of betting opportunities available to you.

As for which teams are going to be worth backing, and just which betting sites you should be backing them at, well BetHard are offering decent odds on each of those matches and below I will give you my predictions as to just which way I feel they will end.

The Wolves vs. West Ham is a good match to have included on any and all Acca bets you place this coming week, and as for the way that match is likely to end, well the home team Wolves should take the spoils and their current odds to win that match are 21/20.

Moving onto the Fulham vs. Brighton match, that is a slightly more difficult match to try and predict the result of, however if they manage to play to their usual high standards  then it shouldn’t be too difficult for Fulham to come out on top and win at odds of 27/20.

Everton are Even Money to Win

Take a look at the odds on the match between Huddersfield Town and Everton, as when you do so you will see why it is difficult to make a case for a Huddersfield Town win being as they are 3/1 and the draw is also available at odds of 47/20m therefore the only bet to place on that match is a win for the away team and if you act fact you can get odds on Everton winning of even money at BetHard.

There will be plenty of punts backing Arsenal to win their match this Tuesday night against Cardiff City, however do keep in mind as that is likely to be a match they will win with great ease the odds on offer on it are tiny, and as such the best you can hope for as far as odds go on an Arsenal win are just 1/4!

A Couple of Other Premier League Matches to Bet On

Stay well clear of betting on Newcastle to win their match against Man City for even though the odds are very tempting on a Newcastle win at 12/1 you are much more likely to have a winning bet if you back Man City at 4/19!

The only other match you are going to find kicking off on Tuesday night as part of the Premier League is of course the match that sees Man Utd up against Burnley, however that is a match United are bound to win and that is certainly reflected in the odds on offer on them doing so which for reference are 20/83.

There may be punters prepared to take the 5/1 odds on that match ending in a draw and diehard Burnley fans will also be tempted to bag the odds on a Burnley win which are around the 11/1 mark depending on where you bet at.

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