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RB Leipzig vs. Borussia Dortmund

Dependent on how your football related bets and wagers go this afternoon, you may end up looking around for a range of betting opportunities on a range of additional football matches that will be kicking off a little later in the day.

If that is the case then at 17:30 tonight there is a match being played are part of the German Bundesliga that is bound to tempt a few of you out there to place a bet on it, and that match is of course the one between RB Leipzig and Borussia Dortmund.

I doubt that you are going to find it difficult to find an online or mobile betting site or app that is offering you odds on that match however over at Ladbrokes they have a whopping 172 individual bets and wagering opportunities available on that match.

With all of the above in mind allow me to give you an insight below into some of the possible betting markets and betting opportunities available on that match, for Ladbrokes have boosted the odds on a range of those betting markets to make them even more appealing to punters.

Match Betting Odds

You will of course have the ability of simply picking out whether the home team to the away team will win after the full 90 minutes of play and you can of course also bet that the match will end up being a draw.

As for just what odds you can secure on all three of those outcomes, if you think that RB Leipzig are going to win the match, and plenty f punters do then the odds available at Ladbrokes are generous being as they are 31/20m the draw odds are 5/1 and as for the odds on a Borussia Dortmund win they are all chalked up at 13/8.

Ladbrokes Price Boosts

A couple of interesting bets that have had their odds boosted by Ladbrokes include the bet on which you will be hoping that RB Leipzig will win this match and 4 or more goals in the match will be scored, that bet started out being differed at odds of 5/1 but now have been boosted up to even more tempting odds of 6/1.

You can also place a bet on whether both teams are going to score at some point in the match or whether you think that will not be the case, keep in mind this type of bet is one that only has two possible outcomes so the odds are not going to be huge on either option.

However, if you do think that both teams are going to score at least one goal at some point in the match then you will need to bet yes and by doing so you will be rewarded with odds of 8/15.

If on the other hand you are of the mindset that one or both teams will not score at some point in the match then you will need to bet No and you will then be able to secure odds of 29/2 on that betting opportunity at Ladbrokes.

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