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Score from a Penalty Bet

As you will already know, anything can and possibly will happen in any upcoming football matches, and one thing that could happen is that a team is awarded a penalty. In fact, a team could be awarded lots of penalties in a match during the first 90 minutes of play.

You can of course place a bet at plenty of different betting sites regarding a player scoring from a penalty, and rather than you have to try and pick out which player playing for either team is going to be the one that takes a penalty, you simply have to bet on whether a penalty will be awarded to either team and it is then converted into a goal.

The odds you will be offered can vary ever so slightly at different betting sites, as this type of novelty bet is on offer at any number of betting sites, and you can also place them when using a betting app too, the odds may not be enormous but the winnings are there for the taking if you can pick out a match that a penalty will be awarded in and is turned into a goal.

Keep in mind though the player taking the penalty will have to score a goal for you to have placed a winning bet, and some bookies will offer additional odds on either team being awarded a penalty then a player from that team scoring from that penalty, so the odds on that type of bet will be higher than a simple bet placed on either team being awarded a penalty and then scoring from that penalty.

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Best Bookie for Penalty Bet Odds

William Hill are going to be offering you so many different betting markets in regards to football markets, try not to get too overwhelmed when taking a look over their upcoming football betting opportunities!

They are however a betting site that I can whole heartedly recommend to anybody out there that is interested in placing a penalty related football bet, for they will offer you odds on one being awarded and covered into a goal on all of the football matches they do have listed on their mobile app and their online betting platform too.

You can of course perm such bets together too at William Hill, and you can also ask them what odds they will offer you on a penalty being awarded and then converted into a goal on any match along with any other outcome too, if you do fancy bagging some much higher odds.

For anyone that hasn’t yet signed up to the William Hill betting site, keep in mind that as one of our approved and top rated betting sites, by paying a visit to their website but by using our website links you are going to then go on to claim their high valued welcome offer, the terms and conditions of which are to be found on their website,

Penalty Bet Tips

There are often going to be some football matches, that are more of a grudge match that a football match, and when it comes to you being able to spot the football matches that are likely to see one or more penalties being awarded and possibly converted into a goal, it is those in which the players do not seem to get on, or do hold some type of grudge that you need to be on the lookout for!

However, having said that there are also some teams whose players tend to behave themselves week in and week out, and you will probably be best advised to steer clear of placing this type of bet when two such teams are playing against each other.

Whilst you can always rely on William Hill to be the bookie that will offer you some of the best odds in the industry when it comes to these types of novelty bets, always be prepared to shop around and compare the odds on offer.

Also do keep in mind that when you sign up to a betting exchange, such as the one on offer over at the Betfair betting site, they are going to both allow you to place penalty related football bets, but they are also going o allow you to lay bets from other users of their betting exchange too.

Just be prepared to offer some decent odds when you do fancy laying bets on Betfair, and never get too carried away with your payout liabilities when you do so!

Alternative Bets

Getting your head around and understanding each of the many unique and novelty type bets that are going to be on offer to you when you fancy placing a football bet online or via a mobile betting app, is often going to take you some time!

There are quite a number of alternative bets you can place other than just a penalty related one, and one type on bet that you may fancy betting on is one that will see you having to predict just how many yellow or red cards will be handed out by the referee in any one single match.

The way in which those types of football bets will be designed is that a bookie will dream up a figure, such as 3.5, and will then require you to predict whether there will be more cards handed out or less cards than 3.5, and a set of odds will be attached to each of those two betting opportunities.

Most betting sites will not only offer you one single “cards handed out” type of betting markets for they could offer you several of them.

But keep in mind that the odds they will be offering you, if you back Over or Under the number of cards they use as the base for such bets will vary, and you will then have to work out which betting opportunity is the one most likely to occur, which could be easier than you think of course!

Score from a Penalty Bet
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