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Scorecast Bet

scorecast bettingYou could win a fortune when you place a Scorecast bet, and plenty of betting sites have started to offer their customers this type of bet. Being bets that can have huge odds associated with them they are obviously high risk bets but ones that when they pay off will see you laughing all the way to the bank!

What you have to do if you do fancy placing a Scorecast bet is try and work out which football player is going to be the one that will score the first goal in any upcoming football match, and then correctly predict what the correct score of that match will also be too.

The odds you will be offered when placing such a bet are going to be ultimately determined by just which player you have chosen and the score you have chosen too.

Keep in mind though it will be the first 90 minutes of play that will be used to determined to outcome of the match, however should the player you select to score the first goal not take part in a match for any reason then a Scorecast bet will often still stand but as a correct score type of bet instead of a Scorecast bet, as per the individual betting rules at the betting site you have placed such a bet at.

Do think long and hard before placing such a bet, as obviously the number of permutations of first players to score and correct scores can be huge, but place a winning Scorecast bet and the payout odds can be in three figures!

Best Bookie for Scorecast Betting Odds

Scorecast bets are going to be on offer to you at most if not all betting sites. However, one thing that I can guarantee is that as soon as you start looking around and comparing not only the number of Scorecast betting opportunities but also the odds on offer is that there will be some betting sites offering you a poor selection and very low odds too!

Therefore what you need to make a point of doing is heading over to betting sites that are famed for giving their customers the largest and most diverse range of different Scorecast betting opportunities, and also making a point of only placing such bets at a site that can be relied on to give you much better odds too.

With all of that in mind I do feel you are not going to go far wrong at all if you make the very wise decision of signing up to the William Hill betting site.

It doesn’t matter at what time of the day or night you log onto their betting platform online or when you access their mobile betting app they will have every single upcoming match covered, and they do of course have a high valued sign up offer too, click on our links for the terms and conditions of that offer and make sure that you claim it too!

For you never know, by making full use of that offer it could help you secure a huge winning payout, if everything goes to plan on your very first betting session!

Tips for Placing a Scorecast Bet

Sadly one thing you are going to have to get used to when you do set about placing Scorecast bets, unless you are amazingly lucky, is losing, for the risks associated with placing this type of bet are very high and as such your chances of winning are low!

That is of course going to become apparent by the odds you will be offered when placing such a bet, however there are a few ways that you could lower those risks, and one is by you placing several of them on any one football match that you fancy having a financial interest in.

Obviously you should make a point of keeping your stakes to some sensible levels, but by spreading  the risk around by placing several Scorecast bets then you will ultimately increase your chances of winning.

As those types of bets can return some huge winning payouts, you should also make a point of finding out what each betting site has set as their maximum payout limit on a Scorecast bet.

If you place a Scorecast bet of a value that could see your potential winning payout being over a bookies payout limit then the excess will not be paid out to you, so always do keep that important fact in mind and work out your stakes accordingly!

Alternative Bets

As Scorecasts combine two different outcomes in a single match into one single bet, you could fancy separating those two bets but placing several of them onto one Acca type of bet.

Allow me to explain, if you think you can predict the correct score of a number of matches that are scheduled to play out in the very near future, then by placing them on an Acca bet, which is an accumulator bet, you have the chance of winning some massive amounts of cash, and from one relatively small single stake too.

The way in which a correct score Acca bet will work is that you must first pick out the teams you wish to place on your bet and the, and this is probably the hardest aspect of placing such a bet, agonize over what you think the correct score will be in each of those matches.

The stakes and any winning you achieve on each bet in order then will roll over onto the next prediction you have made, so the winnings can be huge, however if the correct score of one or more matches turns out to be not the one you predicted such a bet is a losing one.

You could also opt to place a first player to score a goal in any match double or treble and by doing so in the case of a double bet you have to pick out two players in different matches that you hope will score first and in the case of a treble pick out three of them, and the winnings and stakes roll over onto each player in sequence, but must like an Acca bet one losing outcome and your entire bet loses too!

Scorecast Bet
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