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Teams Expected to Win Their Matches Today

As a football punter you are often going to be overwhelmed each Saturday morning, with the sheer number of football matches that you can bet on that are going to be kicking off at some point later in the day.

To give you some ideas as to just which teams are expected to win their respective matches, and therefore give you some ideas of just which teams to have included in any accumulator type bets you are placing today, I suggest you read through todays betting guide that will reveal to you just where the smart money is going today.

You may not have even realised there is a match today starting at 12:35 that being the Salford City v Maidenhead United match, but it is certainly a match worth betting on and one in which Salford City should easily come out on top as indicated by their 4/9 win odds.

Almost two hours later this afternoon you will find the 14:30 starting time match of the Carmarthen Town v Llanelli Town coming around, and no matter how hard I try and make a case for either the draw or an away team win in that match I can’t, and as such your money should be on Carmarthen Town to win that match and take the 1/3 odds that Betfred are offering as they are the highest odds I have come across this morning!

Other Teams to Back Today

It may not be exactly the type of football match you would usually consider betting on, but at 14:30 today the Llandudno Town v Cardiff Metropolitan match certainly looks like one having a financial interest in and it should be the latter named team you back as they should win at odds of 8/15.

At 15:00 the Brighton & Hove Albion v Afc Bournemouth match will be kicking off and all things taken into account that is a match that is likely to go the way of the home team and their win odds are decent enough at BetFred as they are 5/4.

Some Other Smart Money Football Bets Today

In the Aston Villa v Bristol City match it is difficult to look any further than a sure-fire win for the home team and you will be very hard-pressed to find higher odds than the 19/20 odds that BetFred are offering on them winning that match.

As far as just what the outcome is likely to be in the Derby County v Bolton Wanderers match, well plenty of punters have already bet big on Derby win that match and there is still plenty of time for you to do so to and as for what odds you will be rewarded with, well once again Betfred are leading the way and are offering odds of 2/5 on them winning that match, which let’s face it they should do quite easily!

The Ipswich Town v Birmingham City match should go the way of the away team that being Birmingham City and as for just how high their win odds are, well they are certainly an appealing team to back at odds of 5/4!

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