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Televised Matches and Predictions for May the 4th

With a Bank Holiday weekend once again upon us, plenty of punters are going to be watching football matches this weekend on TV and will also be placing plenty of bets on each match they are planning on watching too.

BetFred do of course know that and have put together what I feel are a fair set of betting markets on each television match this weekend, and as such below I will take a look at some standout betting opportunities in some of the matches that will be kicking off tomorrow Saturday the 4th of May.

One match that is going to be worth watching if you can do so is the Levante UD vs Rayo Vallecano match, and looking at the current form of both teams I think the smart money should be going on the home team, which should take that match rather easily and plenty of bookies including BetFred have them on offer at odds of 19/20 to do just that.

The match between Chievo and SPAL which is also going to be kicking off on Saturday looks a much better balanced match, and I think that if SPAL can play up to their usual high standards, which may not be too much to ask, they can win that match, and by betting on them to do just that odds of around the 11/8 mark are generally on offer.

Deportivo Alaves vs Real Sociedad

I know for a fact plenty of odds compilers have been scratching their heads regarding just what odds to offer on the match between Deportivo Alaves and Real Sociedad, and that is something you will discover when looking over the betting market on that match.

With Deportivo Alaves being ever so slight favourites to win that match at odds of 6/4 and as most bookies have given Real Sociedad win odds of 15/8, I am much more of the mind that the best course of action when betting on that match will be a draw, and the odds on it ending that way are around the 11/5 mark, so the is certainly plenty of value if you do feel like me that match will end in a draw.

Other Televised Matches This Saturday

You may however much prefer betting on a match being played out this weekend much closer to home, and if that is the case then look at the betting markets on offer on the Cardiff City vs Crystal Palace match.

As far as the most likely winner of that match, it is Cardiff City that get my vote and if that is something you agree with you will find BetFred have them chalked up as win odds of 8/5 to win that match, for reference though that bookies is offering odds of 5/2 on the draw and odds of 17/10 that the away team, that being Crystal Place will win it.

There is also the Werder Bremen vs Borussia Dortmund match being played this coming Saturday and that match is one that should go the way of the away team who are on offer at decent odds it does have to be said of 11/10 to win it and win it they should do!

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