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The Perfect Friday Night Football Acca Bet

Six football matches are scheduled in the UK tonight, and having spent quite some time this morning trying to make sense of those matches, I have a six team acca bet prediction that may be of interest to those of you who do fancy trying your chances on such a bet today.

One match that you probably didn’t know is kicking off tonight, and one that you may never have heard of either of the two teams playing in that match is the Goytre United v Haverfordwest County match.

As for which way that match will end, well it’s a close one to try and predict as the bookies have both teams chalked up at almost identical odds to be fair to them, however I have a sneaking suspicion that it will be Haverfordwest County that will come out on top, so make sure you do include them in your acca bet today.

You will have heard of both St Johnstone and St Mirren and later this evening they will be playing each other, and the way I think that match will end will be a win for the home team, so that is your second team to include on your bet.

Harrogate Town and Darlington to Win Tonight

At 19:45 tonight the Harrogate Town v Salford City match will be kicking off and I think it will be worth including the home team in your acca bet for their odds are decent enough and they should be able to beat their opponents if they do play up to the very best form, which they may just do of course.

In the Darlington v Chester Fc match, well that is another one in which I feel the home advantage is worth keeping in mind, and as such if you do want to include another team in your ever growing acca bet today then make sur you include them too.

Two Other Teams Worth Backing Today

I have taken a look at just what odds are being offered on the two other matches that will be kicking off this evening in Scotland and do feel there are two additional teams that you should be including in any football bet you place tonight.

The 20:00 kick off match between East Kilbride Reserves and Livingston Reserves may not be a match that you would usually bet on but given the very obvious chance of Livingston Reserves in that match to win it they are worth having a few bob on or including in an acca bet for sure.

The final match tonight is going to be the 20:05 kick off match that sees Stirling Albion Reserves playing at home against the Ayr United Reserves, I doubt  that match is going to end in a win for the home team, and it isn’t going to be a match that I feel will end in a draw, and as such my money will be going on an Ayr United Reserves win and so should yours.

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