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The Pick of Todays Football Matches

Football matches are of course going to be in play during the day in many different countries of the world, and if you do fancy chancing your arm and betting on any number of matches today then please do read on.

Below I will be looking at five football matches that will be kicking off at some point in time during the day and will be pointing you int the right direction as to the very best betting opportunities and the most likely results in those matches too.

The very first match that I want to take a look at today is the Tunisia vs Mali match, which may be one that you have overlooked today, be aware that it will be broadcast live on Eurosport 2 and as such if you do want to bet on that match and watch it live and in play you can do just that.

As for the way that match is possibly going to end, well with Tunisia being 13/8 and the draw odds being 19/10 and as most bookies sites and betting apps have Mali on offer as the to win that match at odds of 21/10, I think it’s fair to say that Mali is the stand out bet in that match today.

Venezuela vs Argentina

The Venezuela vs Argentina is starting much later in the evening today, however I do feel it is going to be a match that will be worth betting on for there is a little bit of value in the odds on offer on he team that I fancy.

As you will probably already know Venezuela are not the greatest team in the world which is reflected in their 6/1  win odds and this isn’t going to be one of those matches that ends in a draw which by the way is on offer at odds of 3/1, the match will in my opinion end with a decisive and clear-cut win for  Argentina and the odds attached to them at plenty of bookies sites are 8/15, and that is todays stand out bet by far.

Other Teams for your Acca Bets

If you do plan on putting together an acca bet today then in the Morocco vs Ivory Coats match I think you will be best advised to pencil that match in as a win for the Ivory Coast for the way both teams have been playing recently that is the team I do expect to win that match and you can back them at odds of 19/10.

Regarding the France Women vs USA Women match, there is surely only one way that match is going to end is a win for the USA Women team who are there for the taking at odds of 6/5. One final match is the South Africa vs Namibia and in that match I predict a win for the South Africa team but you will be hard-pressed to find better odds than 5/6 on them winning that match, but do hunt around for added value.

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