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To Score at Anytime Bet

score at any time betAny player could bang in a goal in any match they are playing in, and due to that simple fact many bookmakers are going to be offering you the ability of placing a bet on any player scoring a goal in any upcoming football match.

If you are passionate about football then before any match starts you will often have some idea of what the result of a match will be or will be convinced that one player is going to score any number of goals.

As such if you so think that one player will end up scoring a goal within the first 90 minutes of play or in any additional injury time as it is known then you will certainly find the odds on offer on a to score in any time bet appealing.

Obviously in the event of a player not taking part in any match you will get your stake money returned, as there will be no way in the world that player could score a goal!

But as far as just what odds you will be able to secure on any given player scoring at any time, it is the betting site you have chosen to place this type of bet at that will determine whether those odds are high or low, based on the players goal scoring abilities and the position he plays in too!

So never be in a rush to place such a bet, for the art of winning more on a to score at anytime bet is by comparing the odds being offered to you at several different betting sites and then placing your bet with the bookie offering enhanced odds on your chosen player.

Best Bookie for Score Anytime Odds

Most betting sites are going to be very eager for you to place your to score at anytime bets and wagers with them, and there is a good reason for that, some of them will be offering quite low odds and will have huge over-rounds on such betting markets and football betting opportunities.

Imagine how you would feel if you did place such a bet then you go on to find out the odds you secured were even high at another betting site. To save you running the risk of experiencing just that I think it will pay dividends for you to make use of the betting markets on the to score at anytime betting opportunities at sites like BetHard.

By you doing so you are going to have the best odds available to you, and thanks to both their online and mobile betting platforms offering live and updated in real time odds too, you are always going to secure the odds you see offered on them, and never be offered lower odds when you add them to your online or mobile betting slip!

I do know it can often take some major benefits and incentives too on offer at one betting site for you to switch over to using them, much more so if you have been betting at one site for a long time, and that is why I actively encourage you to become a new customer of BetHard for by clicking on our links you then get access to one of the highest valued betting site bonuses out there.

Tips for Placing a to Score at Anytime Bet

The longer a player stays on the pitch in any match, then the better his chances will be of actually going on to score a goal in that match.

Therefore be aware that even if your chosen player is brought on for example as a substitute then he will have deemed to have taken part in that match and your bet will stand, as opposed to you having your stake money returned if a player you name to score a goal at anytime doesn’t play in any match.

So if there is a chance that your player will not be involved in a football match for the full 90 minutes then the chances of that player going on to score a goal will be low, so always factor that into the equation when placing such a bet.

One other thing that is obviously going to affect just how much you can win when placing such a bet is the odds that a bookie is offering you, so become very well adapt at comparing the odds many betting sites are offering you on any to score at any time betting markets you fancy getting involved in!

Alternative Bets

Most bookies are going to allow you to perm any number of to score at any time bets into a single or multiple type of bet, so if you do fancy naming players to score a goal at any time and having them permed together in an Acca bet or a double or treble for example that is something that you are readily going to be able to do.

There are however a number of additional football bets that are based around you having to select a player to score in any upcoming football match, and some of them may actually be a little more appealing to you that a player to score at anytime bet.

Take for example the player to score two or more goals bet or the player to score a hat-trick bets, when you do look up the player you fancy betting on in any match on those two betting markets you will see the odds on offer will be way higher than they ever are on a player to score at any time betting market.

You may also fancy naming a player that will score either the very first goal in a football match of whether that player will score the last goal instead, and make no mistake about it each of our featured and approved betting sites will be offering you such plenty of those types of betting opportunities, and with some very attractive odds for the taking too!

To Score at Anytime Bet
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