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Today’s Best Ask Paddy Football Betting Opportunities

We have chosen Paddy Power as one of our approved betting sites for a reason, and that is they do offer their unique Ask Paddy service to each of their customers.

You can Tweet them for anything happening in any football matches, and as such you can put together your own unique range of betting opportunities each day, if so you so desire!

As for just what odds you will be offered, well as you will be communicating with their own team of odds compilers when you do contact them for odds, you can be assured that the odds they will be offered will be generous, and the more unusual you make your bet, the bigger the odds could become!

You can ask for some quite obvious outcomes, take for example if you think that there will be 30+ goals scored today in total on every English League Two match combined, they are currently offering 7/10 on that unique betting opportunity.

However, one set of odds that did catch my eye this morning are the 3/4 odds they are offering to punters if the Home teams in today’s EPL matches score 10+ goals combined today, that is surely the bet of the day and one you should be making use of!

English Champions, English League One and Two Bet

How many goals do you think in total, all of the teams that will be playing today in the English Champions, English League One and Two leagues will score today?

Well if you think that in total there will be 90+ goals scored in total by each of the teams in those three leagues, then you are surely going to be very tempted to place a bet at Paddy Power today, for the odds they are offering on that Ask Paddy betting market are huge at 21/10, all things considered!

Other Ask Paddy Bets worth Placing Today

Believe me when I say that each Saturday there are a huge number of punters that do contact Paddy Power for odds on bets those punters have devised themselves, and there are a number of bets that I have noticed today being offer by Paddy Power that are certainly offering punters plenty of value.

Take for example the 11/5 odds being offered on the Over 22.5 goals to be score in all of today’s EPL matches betting market, that has to be another bet worth having a speculative punt on, and it is a bet I do think may just pay off too!

If you want to combine two bets together in a single bet, then there are more than enough such bets available to you at Paddy Power and you can of course dream up any such bets yourself and they will offer you instant odds on those bets.

Looking at today’s EPL matches, if you think that there will be over 21.5 goals scored combined in those matches and that there will also be over 74.5 corners in each of those EPL matches too you can bag huge odds of 5/1 on that very unique betting market right now!

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