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Today’s Premier League 2 Under 23 Matches

Not all betting sites are going to be offering you odds on every single football match being played in the UK, however, Paddy Power are one betting site at which you are always going to find not only every single match being played each day somewhere in the UK listed on their site but also a betting market attached to them too.

As such, if you are interested in betting on the Under 23 matches that are scheduled to be played off today, then that is certainly the betting site you should be looking to place your bets at, and below I will give you some ideas as to just which teams are expected to win each of those matches but also the home, draw and away team odds on each match that Paddy Power are offering punters too.

The very first match I want to concentrate on is the Tottenham U23 v Everton U23 match, now the home team are probably going to be taught a master class of football today in my opinion by the away team and that is reflect in the odds on that match which are 2/1 for the Tottenham U23 team to win, the draw odds are 5/2 and the Everton U23 team should win it at odds of 10/11!

You can also bet on the Aston Villa U23 v Southampton U23 match, but that is a very tight match to try and predict and call the winner off for the odds are 7/5 on the home team, the draw odds are 11/4 and it is the away team that have a very slight edge which is reflected in their 6/5 win odds!

Chelsea U23 v West Ham U23

Moving onto the Chelsea U23 v West Ham U23 match, well there is no getting away from the simple fact that the Chelsea U23 team are highly talented and as such it will probably not surprise you to learn that they are the favourites to win that match.

As for just what odds you are going to be able to secure if this is a match you o fancy betting on, well Paddy Power are going 4/7 on the home team to win, they have the draw at odds of 10/3 and for those diehard West Ham fans out their if you fancy backing the under 23 team today then you can back odds at that betting site of 11/4.

Derby U23 v Man City U23

It dies appear that the Derby U23 team are going to take all of the beating today in their mach against the Manchester City U23 team and that is reflected in the odds on offer on that match.

The home team are the most likely winners of that match at 11/10, the draw odds are 11/4 and the odds on offer on the away team are far being as they are currently 6/4.

Man Utd U23 v Middlesbrough U23

One final match that you may fancy having a bet on today is the Man Utd U23 v Middlesbrough U23 match, the home team look booked for three points and there odds of winning hat match are 4/6, the draw odds are 11/4 and those 11/4 odds are also available on an away team win too!

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