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Tonight’s Bohemians vs. Shamrock Rovers Match Prediction

There may be a slight chance that you fancy having a bet on the match tonight between Bohemians and Shamrock Rovers which is of course a match that is part of the Irish Premier Division, and if so then it could pay dividends for you to place that bet at Paddy Power.

As for the outcome of that match, well I am of the same mind as the odds compilers over at that betting site, for they are not convinced the home team will win as they have them on offer at odds of 3/1, not do they think the match will end in a draw which is why they are offering draw odds of 11/5.

It is of course a match they are convinced will end in a win for Shamrock Rovers and that is the reason they have them chalked up at odds of 10/11. Keep in mind you can also place a half time full time bet on that match or place a correct score bet if you much prefer.

There is also a match being played tonight that is part of the Spins La Liga and that match is the one between Girona and Sociedad, and having studied the makeup of that match I am firmly of the mind it will go the way of a win for Girona and the odds on them winning that match are worth taking right now being as they are on offer at odds of 7/5!

RB Leipzig vs. Hoffenheim Best Odds

The RB Leipzig vs. Hoffenheim match is bound to be a match that plenty of punters will be watching tonight and will also be placing all manner of bets on the outcome of that match obviously too.

As for just which is the most likeliest of outcomes on that that match though, well RB Leipzig do look a very fair bet at their win odds of 4/5,  the draw is a small possibility at 3/1 and in fact you can also get odds of 3/1 on Hoffenheim winning that match too.

Nottingham Forest Look a Fair Bet at 6/4

Moving back over to the UK, there is of course the match tonight between Derby and Nottingham Forest, and whilst it is fair to say that match won’t be an impressive display at football at its very bets there is always the chance that you just fancy betting on it.

The one standout bet on that match is a win for the home team who can be backed right now over at the Paddy Power betting site at odds of 6/4, the draw odds by the way on that match are 21/10 and the odds on a Derby win are 15/8, that match will be kicking off at 19:45 so get your bets placed in good time for the kick off if you do fancy betting on it.

One final match that did catch my eye this morning that is part and parcel of the Portuguese Primeira Liga is the match between Benfica and Chaves.

However, you are probably not going to want to bet on the favourite to win that match for the odds on Benfica are ridiculously low at just 1/12, but if you do fancy the draw the odds are huge at 17/2 and the odds on Chaves winning are even higher at 22/1!

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