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Tonight’s Derby vs. Wigan Match Predictions

It won’t be too difficult for you to place a bet on the match tonight that sees Derby playing at home against Wigan, for having checked around I have noticed all of our approved betting sites and sportsbooks are offering odds on that match.

However, there are going to be plenty of differences regarding the actual odds you can take on the three main outcomes in that match, but Quinnbet for one are offering punters some of the very best valued odds.

Therefore, if you are of the mind like I am by the way, that it is going to be Derby that will win that match then you should be backing them to do so at Quinnbet and securing the even money odds they have them on offer at, as in my opinion Derby should be an odds-on chance to win that match not even money!

You do of course have the option of backing the draw and if you hunk the match will end that way the odds available on a draw at Quinnbet are reasonable enough at 23/1-0, you will also be able to get odds on a Wigan win and their odds do reflect their chances it does have to be said and those odds are16/5.

Will There Be Any Goals Scored?

At odds of 6/1 if you feel this is going to be a match in which neither team will smack into their opponents net a goal, then the odds on such an outcome, that being no goals will be scored are worth taking.

However, if you think that is will be Derby that score the first goal in this match, and surely they will score the first goal you can get odds of 4/6 on them doing so, as for the odds on Wigan being the first goal scoring team in this match those odds are high at 6/4 all things considered!

Consider the Over/Under Betting Market

You can bet on the over/under betting market at Quinnbet for they do of course have one on offer on this match the first option you will have is on the Over/Under 0.5 betting option on which the over option is 1/14 and the under option is available at odds of 6/1.

Odds of 4/11 are also available on there being Over 1.5 goals scored in this match with the opposite bet that of course being the Under 1.5 goals bet is available at higher odds of 15/8.

You may find the odds of 11/10- being offer on there being Over 25. Goals scored in this match appealing or the Under 2.5 goals betting opportunity may appeal to you instead at odds of 4/6

One final Over/Under bet is on the Over/Under 3.5 goals option on which the over option has odds of 13/5 on offer and 1/4 is available right now on the under option.

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